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Has anyone ever had their bridesmaids wear their own jewelry?
Carlie, On May 21, 2022 at 09:07

Hey everyone, I know it's pretty common to buy your bridesmaids their jewelry but I'm really not into that kind of gift for them because usually they're purchased from somewhere cheap/They are worn...

Rachay, yesterday at 16:42 5 51
Bridesmaids Gifts
Tam, On May 24, 2022 at 22:41

Anyone have a good suggestion for bridesmaids gifts? I want to gift something more unique for my girls, and not what people always give for bridesmaids (ie. purses, jewelry, robes).

Hank, yesterday at 15:57 4 34
Stacey, Yesterday at 09:20

Wedding for 95 - We're doing the small cake to cut, then cupcakes along with about 5 other varieties of, the venue provides brownies and fruit as part of the package (buffet dinner)....

Amanda, yesterday at 15:24 4 33
Bling-ed Out Belts
Jenn, On May 24, 2022 at 23:44

Ladies! Where did you find bling-ed-out belts to accessorize your gown that didn't break the bank? I bought my dress, and fell in love with the way it looked with a thicker, sparkly, rose gold belt...

Hank, yesterday at 14:33 3 28
Rustic wedding
Christine, On May 24, 2022 at 15:29

Does anyone have any suggestions for decor when it comes to rustic theme wedding? My centerpieces are birch wood slabs with fairy lights in a Mason jar and a sunflower and babies breath. Some wooden...

Alyx, yesterday at 14:23 6 42
Bridesmaids dresses
Christine, Yesterday at 08:15

So sage green is the color of bridesmaids dresses what color of shoes work and can I pick the shoes for them heels though are a no go.

Alyx, yesterday at 14:17 7 43
Intimate or not.
Romelda, Yesterday at 00:17

I need help. I am very close with my family and there are 6 siblings plus each of their partners, but my partner isn't as close with his. He is also not a big people person and would love an intimate...

Romelda, yesterday at 13:03 5 44
We're Married!!
Liberty, On May 24, 2022 at 12:55

05. 22. 22. The most perfect day!! The weather couldn't have been any better! It wasn't too hot or too cold and there was beautiful clouds in the sky! Minor hiccups throughout the day but none of them...

Liberty, yesterday at 12:16 28 103 1
Wedding dress
Christine, Yesterday at 08:49

So my wedding is rustic theme but the dress I chose everyone keeps saying it doesn't work I dunno what to do 😭😭

Alyx, yesterday at 11:55 6 54
Christine, Yesterday at 08:27

So I'm not up for all the blitz and glam my wedding dress has just a little bit of details but that's it I don't wear much for jewelry other than a nose ring and my rings, but my bridesmaids want all...

Alyx, yesterday at 11:52 4 34
Cutting the cake
Rayanne, On May 20, 2022 at 18:34

The cutting of the cake symbolizing the first thing you do together as a married couple. Are you including this tradition? I feel like there is a certain degree of trust involved with this one. I have...

KELLY, yesterday at 11:19 29 132
Gifts for Spouse & kids involved in the ceremony
Denise, On April 20, 2022 at 09:09

Need your help! Looking for ideas for gift to give my husband to be on the morning of the wedding. He doesn't wear a watch any ideas are welcome. Also we are having our nephews as part of our ceremony...

Pamela, yesterday at 11:19 4 43
Engagement rings during ceremony
Meghan, On April 17, 2022 at 07:48

Okay serious question cause I truly don't know, whats the general rule of thumb? Are you supposed to wear your engagement ring during the ceremony or put it on after? or is it personal preference? TIA...

Pamela, yesterday at 11:17 16 217 1
Is there a company that specializes in cleaning up during an event?
Sarah, On March 18, 2019 at 19:55

A friend has suggested that I look into hiring someone to take down the chairs and gazebo decor after the ceremony and then have them come to the reception and clear dishes and garbage discreetly.Is...

Barbarra, yesterday at 06:11 11 254
Transport Ideas
Melissa, On April 11, 2021 at 16:19

Hi everyone! We are currently planning our wedding for June 11, 2022 in Toronto and are in a bit of a dilemma about transport. The hotel we will be getting ready in is only a 3 minute drive from the...

Isabella, yesterday at 04:01 13 246
Live Painter or Party Bus?
Lynnie, On February 3, 2020 at 09:05

If you had to choose between these two wedding extras, which would you rather have? A live painter to forever capture the magic of your wedding day? Or would you prefer to provide your guests with...

Isabella, yesterday at 03:56 22 111
Honeymoon help
Ashley, On May 16, 2022 at 20:08

Hi guys! We are planning on doing our honeymoon in August but we need ideas on where to go! Where is everyone going this year?? We like adult-only & all inclusive but want to go somewhere...

Kelsey, yesterday at 01:12 4 46
Throwing rice for the newlyweds
Daily, On May 18, 2022 at 18:58

What do you all think about the tradition such as people throw rice to a newlywed? Growing up in Thailand after the ceremony is over, people always through rice at the newlyweds couples! I love the...

Kelsey, yesterday at 01:09 7 77
Outfit change during the reception
Maggnard-Smanta, On May 23, 2022 at 01:44

Hello there, Do you plan on keeping your wedding dress during the whole reception or do an outfit change during the reception? Share your inspirations! I always thought about changing into a jumpsuit...

Maggnard-Smanta, tuesday 24-May-22 25 115
Live photos
Kate-Lynn, On May 21, 2022 at 14:15

Hello, We are doing a photo scavenger hunt during the wedding with a prize for the people who complete it. What is the best platform that is easy and convenient to add photos? Facebook group? Google...

Jenn, tuesday 24-May-22 2 19
What to do if you want to make complaints about vendor?
Jamie, On May 24, 2022 at 02:26

I had bad experience with one of vendor I had hired. I want to say something he was rude to my bridal I have learned after the wedding. I was annoyed that this person ignored on what we agreed on and...

Hank, tuesday 24-May-22 3 43
Centerpiece,aisle decor, arch decor
Christine, On May 24, 2022 at 08:21

Does the flowers for centerpieces, wedding arch and aisle have to match the floral in the bouquets?

Alyx, tuesday 24-May-22 6 41
Christine, On May 24, 2022 at 13:14

My bridesmaids all want these huge fashion accessories for hair and all that I feel its haha way to much what do I do? Do I say no? Help please

Alyx, tuesday 24-May-22 4 45
Have you experienced dress regret?
Lynnie, On February 15, 2018 at 13:26

Dress regret - it's a real thing!! There can be a lot of pressure when picking a wedding dress, and not a lot of instant gratification! Next is the loooong waiting game waiting for your dress to come...

Darla, tuesday 24-May-22 19 610


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