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Calgary, Alberta · From January 2016

Hi all! I am finance professional and I met my FH and soulmate through an online dating service. We discovered after meeting for in public for coffee and... View more

Hi all! I am finance professional and I met my FH and soulmate through an online dating service. We discovered after meeting for in public for coffee and each deciding that the other was "safe" that we lived less than 2 blocks from each other. Life does indeed work in strange ways!

Happily married 🎉

September 9, 2017

2454days 10hrs

Lynnie commented:

2392 days ago

Hi Laura! Hope you're doing well :) Are you Innocent or Guilty of these planning habits? Come fess up in this week's game:

Zoë commented:

2553 days ago

Hey love! How's everything going with your checklist? I saw you liked the test. I made another one: I hope you like it. If you need help, you can always open a new discussion: hope you’ll join us! Xx

Zoë commented:

2581 days ago

Hey there! How's everything going with the planning? If you need help, all of us in the community are here to help and inspire each other. You can always share ideas or ask a question by making a discussion. Here I share a discussion I made: . I hope you like it xx

Zoë commented:

2611 days ago

Hi Sweety,I’m Zoë and new to this community. I'm here waiting to help you bring your wedding dream into a beautiful reality. I made this fun game that is called:Which movie couple are you? results was the Notebook! Let me know yours in the comments :)

Emilie commented:

2619 days ago

Hi dear! I created these discussions to share our inspirations this week and give ideas to each other: I can't wait to see more of your pictures! Have you been looking for anything specific lately?

Emilie commented:

2630 days ago

Hey love! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today I thought we could all share ideas in green for brides in the community: I also wanted to thank you for always being here for others in here! I hope you have an amazing day! xx

Emilie commented:

2631 days ago

Hey hun! I created this checklist today so we can share what we found for our wedding and see everyone’s ideas :) I hope you’re planning is going well! I can’t wait to see your pictures! Let me know if there’s anything! xx

Emilie commented:

2644 days ago

Hi hun! How was your week? I created this fun game for the weekend! I thought it would be fun to share our song ideas for the wedding! Can’t wait to listen to yours! I wish you an amazing weekend! xx

Emilie commented:

2646 days ago

Hi dear! I just created this discussion for brides in the Calgary area: I thought it would be fun for you to meet and share your ideas to make your wedding planning easier. Let me know how everything is going! Hope all is well! xx

Emilie commented:

2660 days ago

Hi love! I wanted to wish you an amazing Valentine’s Day! I hope all is well with your wedding preparations and if there’s anything, I’m sure you already know we’ll always be there for you in the community. I’m sending you a little game for the day to feel the love:: // // // look forward to reading you and hope you have an amazing day! Big hug! xx

Emilie commented:

2665 days ago

Hi hun! I was so happy to read your Valentine’s date ideas this week! I hope you liked your gift! You should meet the other brides in your province who also participated in the quiz :) You can read them in this discussion: The greatest gift in the community is to be there for each other! I hope we were able to do that for you so far :) I hope you had a great week and if we don’t get to talk before I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day! xx

Emilie commented:

2682 days ago

Hi dear! Do you know already know whether you’re a classic, modern, whimsical or boho bride? Share your ideas with other brides like you in the community! // // // to the discussion that matches your style and share your 3 favourite pictures! What style did you choose?

Emilie commented:

2693 days ago

Hey lovely lady! It’s 2017!! Time is flying by so fast! Can you believe it? :D You’re going to look so gorgeous in your wedding dress! Let’s all share our pictures in here: It’s a secret group, so don’t worry your groom won’t be able to see it ;) Will you wear a veil with your dress?

Emilie commented:

2751 days ago

Hi dear! I'm so happy to read you in the community! You bring so much joy and great ideas in here!! :) I can't wait to see how everything will unfold for your wedding! I thought I would share this discussion with you so you can share with us your favourite details on your dress and we can all share our ideas together: Are you in? :) What's your favourite thing about your dress?

Emilie commented:

2772 days ago

Hi Laura! I'm so happy to read you in the community! Seeing your profile picture in the comments is like seeing a ray of sunshine in the community :) How is your planning coming along? Have you done any DIY lately?

Simone commented:

2778 days ago

Hi Laura, congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the community!:)

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