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Wedding entertainment

Eartha, on September 2, 2016 at 15:02 Posted in Wedding reception 0 4

Hi All,

I wanted to ask around and see how you guys are planning to keep your guests entertained during your wedding?

I don't plan to play too much games as most of the attendees will be aunts and uncles; so I doubt they will participate in TOO much games or whatnot.

Can I hear what you guys have brewing so maybe I can incorporate some ideas to my own wedding?

Thanks so much for reading my post Smiley smile


Latest activity by Emilie, on September 5, 2016 at 13:09
  • Emilie
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    Emilie ·
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    Hi Valerie! Smiley heart

    These are such wonderful ideas!! Smiley love I'm sure all your guests will have an amazing time!

    I'd love to hear more about what you planned for your wedding. You seem to have done so much already!

    Have a look at these checklist to see if you're not missing anything and let us know how we can help!

    Checklist: Things to Do 9 months before the wedding

    Checklist: Things to Do 6 months before the wedding

    You should also meet more brides like you who are getting married in Spring 2017 and in Ontario! That way, we'll all be there to help you in this important moment in your life! Smiley smile

    Brides getting married in Spring 2017

    Who is getting married in Ontario in 2017?

    What step are you at in your planning?

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  • Emilie
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    Emilie ·
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    Hi Eartha! Smiley heart

    Like Kira mentioned, there are a few games that don't require a lot of moving from your guests. And you could be surprised how much your aunts and uncles will participate in guessing how many kids you'll have Smiley laugh

    Fun Games for your Wedding Reception

    You can also have a look at our vendors in your area and come up with some very original ideas that will surprise everyone!

    Wedding Entertainer Ontario

    Have a look at this article too, I think there are a few ideas you could like in here Smiley smile

    How to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding (Besides Music!)

    How is everything with your decorations?

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  • Kira
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    Kira ·
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    Hey Eartha! We hired a wedding entertainer. So basically he's there to host the reception, he makes jokes about the newlyweds, and have people participate to create a good atmosphere, but no games where people have to move or anything. I think Em also made a post with different ideas.

    5 activities to keep your guests entertained

    Fun Games for your Wedding Reception

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  • Valerie
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    Valerie ·
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    My venue is really amazing and they are doing a wine tour with our guests while we go get photos taken. Also my centerpieces going to be playable board games, and I REALLY want to set up a projector with a gaming system and have like Mario Kart or something going. I'm really not into dancing so I wanted to make sure there were other things to do, but usually I think most guests are happy with alcohol, music and dancing!

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