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Shoes: comfort or couture?

Lynnie, on June 20, 2018 at 13:05

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How did you decide on your shoes? Are you dressing for comfort or fashion? 馃憼馃憺 Comfort?Photo from Weddings For All Or Couture?Photo by Shawna Rae Wedding Photography in Vancouver Shoes by The Bespoken Mogul in Vancouver

How did you decide on your shoes? Are you dressing for comfort or fashion? 馃憼馃憺

Comfort?cfb_30903.jpgPhoto from Weddings For All

Or Couture?cfb_30905.jpgPhoto by Shawna Rae Wedding Photography in Vancouver


Shoes by The Bespoken Mogul in Vancouver


  • Andie
    Expert May 2019 Ontario
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    I鈥檓 going comfort since no one will see my shoes anyway Smiley smile
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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
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    I'm actually planning both!

    For the ceremony I found these beauties for $17! This image is from Amazon

    Purple HeelsShoes: comfort or couture? 1

    And then for the reception when my feet are tired I wanted to play more with my galaxy theme:

    From Etsy.comShoes: comfort or couture? 2

    But Actually i'm wandering around Amazon now... since my theme is starry night / galaxy what if I went with a full on light up shoe?

    AmazonShoes: comfort or couture? 3


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  • Leah
    VIP April 2019 British Columbia
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    I wear size 12 and I find it a challenge to find dress shoe styles that I like and that are comfortable.

    I鈥檇 always imagined myself in a long dress and barefoot sandals to allow for comfort, but I may end up with a tea length dress and I don鈥檛 think it will be conducive to the look and our venue.

    Ultimately I鈥檇 like to wear a pair of chuck Taylor鈥檚 (it would match my personality too), but if I can find a comfortable pair of shoes in my size that also looks good I鈥檒l do that.

    For me, comfort trumps couture.
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  • M
    Devoted August 2018 Ontario
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    Very nice and glam!

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  • M
    Devoted August 2018 Ontario
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    I tried to go in between. I'm wearing nice kitten heel sandals. So they are fashionable but not too high. I'm also adding heel cushions, arch support etc. If it's too much for my feet I will do a plan B with there gold flip flops I found.

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 4

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  • Clarissa
    Expert October 2018 Saskatchewan
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    Both. They have a very couture took but they are comfy. My shoes are the high heels but they're also padded on the inside and actually fit my feel properly. We have 13/14 inches of a height difference between us so I need to make up a few inches so I don't have to jump for the first kiss.

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 5
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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
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    I don't have mine chosen just yet but I am hoping for couture over comfort - I have a high arch on my feet so wearing flat shoes would be more uncomfortable than a heel. I'm thinking I will either go with a wedge or some sandals with a heel.

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  • Sheilah
    Frequent user August 2019 Ontario
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    Comfort ALLL the way. I'm so informal. Having to wear a dress will be hard enough for me, gimme my runners! Plus, that's pretty much my signature. Ridiculously coloured gym shoes. 馃槀
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  • Julia
    Frequent user July 2019 Ontario
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    Definitely comfort! I hate wearing heels so opted for shiny converse

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 6
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  • Brittany
    British Columbia
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    Shoes: comfort or couture? 7

    I'm looking for the comfiest pair of dressy shoes I can find. I refuse to stumble, trip, or be standing their shifting my weight because my feet hurt...

    If it was summer/better weather, I'd wear super glitzy sandals... but for January, I'm going to have to find a happy medium... I was totally thinking of wearing my Limited Edition Timberlands for my outdoor photos... haha... But I think I'll end up regretting those if they get in any photos...

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 8

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  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
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    Mine are definitely for the couture! But I went from a 5 inch heel to a 3 inch for comfort. I'm also going to bring a pair of flip flops (yup!) in case my feet get sore.

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 9

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  • Breanne
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
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    I definitely picked my shoes for fashion - to be honest I cared more about them than the dress but I was also smart in my decision by choosing ones that would comfortable (at least for me, but at 5'0 I find most heels comfy) by making sure they had a little platform in the front and not flat on the ground.

    I hope to wear them the majority of the night but will have a pair of flats just in case for later in the evening.

    Here they are Smiley love

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 10

    Shoes: comfort or couture? 11

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