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How long to book the photographer?

Lucy, on May 17, 2018 at 13:32 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 9
How long did you book your photographer on the day? Our ceremony is at 3, reception at 6 and should be opening the dance floor about 8:30. We aren't doing any photos beforehand except for the getting ready ones. I was thinking about 7 hours should cover it.

Does it it make a difference if they are traveling a couple of hours to get here? Is travel time usually included in the package time? I want to make it worth their while to come so far, but I don't see is needing more than 8 hours.


Latest activity by Candace, on May 20, 2018 at 17:26
  • Candace
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Candace ·
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    Each photographer is different. Ours has an additional price if she is travelling out of town for the wedding and then the package price on top of the travel fees.
    We are having her spend the whole day with us so she can capture everything Smiley smile
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  • Jocelyn
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Jocelyn ·
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    Ours will be with us all day/night
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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    Photographers may charge travel expense dependong on the area. Inquire the amount to see it fits your budget. They will come out earlier if needed before starting the pictures to get themselves prepared and any set ups done (wedding dress, invitations, bands, candid shots, accessories, etc.)

    Choose your photograher well in advance before they are booked on your day.
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  • Kay
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    Kay ·
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    We are having a small (and short) wedding. Our photographer team lives in our area, so we won't have to pay them for travelling to/from our wedding location. Our wedding is at 5:00pm, and will only be roughly a 10 minute ceremony. After that is just dinner with very close family and friends. So, we booked them for 4 hours. 3 hours before the wedding for photos with me and FH, and with my kids, and one hour to include reactions of people as they arrive (it is a surprise wedding!), the actual ceremony, and a few candid shots after the ceremony is over.. but that's it!

    My last wedding, we paid for the photographers travel time, so I think it probably depends on how far the photographer has to travel. Some of them have a per/km fee they charge. Smiley smile

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  • Emily
    Devoted November 2018 Ontario
    Emily ·
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    8 hours should be good, but yeah, they will probably expect some compensation for their travel time, I'd they are leaving their normal area. Especially if there are two event locations (ceremony, reception, and 3 if you are getting ready at home) and they are driving between each.

    Keep in mind also the extra hours they will spend editing 2 hours more worth of photos at the end.
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  • Jennifer
    Super August 2018 Alberta
    Jennifer ·
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    When you talk to photographers they should have package options available for you to choose from. Mine had an 8 hour and extended day package if we wanted getting ready photos and for them to stay after supper. I think 8 hours should be good but it’s really up to you guys and what you actually want! Our videographer has to travel two hours and we’re being charged for travel. They’ll make sure they’re there from getting ready to the dance as they want the whole day on film since it tends to look better.
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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
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    Travel shouldn't be included in their "working hours" but they may charge you for travel if it is far!
    I'm aiming for 8 hours! Ceremony at 2pm and I want them to come before at like 12-1230.... might try for 9 hours I would like some later night shinanigan photos on the dance floor hahah!
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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·
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    Depending on how far out the wedding is from the photographer I can only think that if it's not included in the package that there might be a km fee which would be less than $0.50/ km. As for the length of time that you should book them for - I would say the usual is roughly 6-12 hours Smiley tongue Just think - there are only so many shots of people dancing that you will actually want/need though. And if you have your first dance right away and cake cutting pushed up then that would shave off a couple of hours too.

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  • Gina
    Super April 2019 Alberta
    Gina ·
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    I’m on the same time line. I originally booked for 6 hours, but I’m going by to change it to 8 hours. We have lots of family and photos to take. Most photographers charge travel time on top of package, depending on distance. But every photographer is different so that’s something you should definitely email and ask about when narrowing down your choices. Unless you can find a photographer closer to where you’re getting married.
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