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In this category you will meet other couples from your area. For sure they will be able to advise you about places to get married and the companies they've hired. And, they will also provide you with original ideas...



Couples getting married on August 31, 2024 in Manitoba
Kate, On February 15, 2024 at 11:01

Hello all the fall brides / grooms I hope all the wedding planning is going fantastic for everyone. Can't believe we are in the homestretch! Congratulations to everyone 🎆

Amanda, friday 16-Feb-24 1 15
Couples getting married on September 21, 2024 in Manitoba
Victoria, On December 30, 2023 at 03:14

Hello, My name is Victoria. My fiancé Brock and I are planning to get married in the fall of 2024 in Winnipeg, MB.

Amanda, wednesday 3-Jan-24 2 31 1
Beginning to plan a wedding
Amber, On December 19, 2023 at 13:16

Hey ladies my fiancé and I got engaged back in October 2023 and we just moved in together and started settling down and now we’re looking at starting to plan for the wedding!! We are both super...

Amanda, sunday 14-Jan-24 1 15
Couples getting married on September 13, 2024 in Manitoba
Elizabeth, On September 12, 2023 at 12:39

Hi Ladies! Looks like we all have a coveted date in common. : ) Just curious how you all chose that date? Are any of you doing a themed wedding? Dark colors? Any advice you've been given about getting...

Amanda, wednesday 13-Sep-23 3 21
Couples getting married on February 24, 2024 in Manitoba
Amanda, On September 1, 2023 at 00:52

Congratulations to everyone getting married on February 24,2024. As we plan the big day of our lives hope that the day is a memorable one to remember. Amanda

Amanda, saturday 2-Sep-23 2 17 1
dj James Falk
Katie, On July 25, 2023 at 10:56

We just got married on July 22, and I just want to say DJ James Falk was amazing to work with. We had our wedding in our backyard in a big tent plus ceremony outside. He walked us through and guided...

Amanda, saturday 26-Aug-23 2 26


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