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St Catharines, Ontario · From January 2017

Happily married 🎉

June 16, 2018

1690days 3hrs

Zoë commented:

2127 days ago

Hi Sweety,I’m Zoë and new to this community. I'm here waiting to help you bring your wedding dream into a beautiful reality. I made this fun game that is called:Which movie couple are you? results was the Notebook! Let me know yours in the comments :)

Emilie commented:

2134 days ago

Hi dear! I created these discussions to share our inspirations this week and give ideas to each other: I can't wait to see more of your pictures! Have you been looking for anything specific lately?

Emilie commented:

2140 days ago

Hi hun!! What makes your ring special? We want to see it! Find your ring club here and share a pic: I can’t wait to see your beautiful ring!

Emilie commented:

2145 days ago

Hey love! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today I thought we could all share ideas in green for brides in the community: I also wanted to thank you for always being here for others in here! I hope you have an amazing day! xx

Emilie commented:

2147 days ago

Hey hun! I created this checklist today so we can share what we found for our wedding and see everyone’s ideas :) I can’t wait to see your pictures! Let me know if there’s anything! xx

Emilie commented:

2159 days ago

Hi hun! How was your week? I created this fun game for the weekend! I thought it would be fun to share our song ideas for the wedding! Can’t wait to listen to yours! I wish you an amazing weekend! xx

Emilie commented:

2176 days ago

Hi love! I wanted to wish you an amazing Valentine’s Day! I hope all is well with your wedding preparations and if there’s anything, I’m sure you already know we’ll always be there for you in the community. I’m sending you a little game for the day to feel the love on this special day: // // // I look forward to reading you and hope you have an amazing day! Big hug! xx

Jessica commented:

2179 days ago

Hello Simone :) thank you for the warm welcomes and thyou congrats! I have to say congrats to you as well :)

Simone commented:

2179 days ago

Hi Jessica, congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the community!:)


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