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Beginner January 2022 Saskatchewan

Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket

Kelsey, on August 26, 2021 at 13:35 Posted in Wedding fashion 1 7

Hi everyone! I want to hear your ideas on a cute jacket/shawl/blanket scarf for my winter wedding! I am not huge on the idea of fur - faux or real- but am looking for something that will be pretty warm as we get some cold weather in January! Is there a good Canadian website for ideas on this? My bridesmaids are all wearing a cream colored blanket scarf, so I am looking for something different than that. My bridal colors are white and dark forest/emerald green.



Latest activity by Christiana, on September 22, 2021 at 01:26
  • Christiana
    Super November 2020 British Columbia
    Christiana ·
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    The Aritzia wool blanket scarves are pretty warm and look nice in photos. They have a range of colours so hopefully one or two would be well suited to your colour scheme. I used one for my wedding last November and it kept me nice and toasty! I also highly recommend thermal leggings for under your dress if you’re doing lots of outdoor photos. They were a lifesaver for me!
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  • Sarah
    Curious January 2022 Quebec
    Sarah ·
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    Hi Kelsey!

    I'm also getting married January 2022 and I also hated the fur stoles and stuff so I've been looking for alternatives too (which is how I came across your post). I have been eyeing this exact one online too because it looks more like a cozy soft blanket if that makes sense haha. Just wondering if you got it yet? What does it look like in person? Also curious if this is the colour you got?


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  • Maria
    Newbie October 2022 Alberta
    Maria ·
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    This is beautiful! We're getting married October next year and are getting shawls (really blanket scarves) from Just Cozy. Congratulations! Smiley smile

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  • Kelsey
    Beginner January 2022 Saskatchewan
    Kelsey ·
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    Thanks everyone for the ideas!!! I wasn't super into the fur idea because I wasn't really into the feel of synthetics furs or the look - but I ended up finding something that looks so soft and comfy from a store in Vancouver! I am super excited for it to arrive!

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 1

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  • Joey
    WeddingWire Admin May 2015 Maryland
    Joey ·
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    Hey! I love colorful sweaters over wedding gowns. My fav look is a cardigan sweater. Here are a few pictures I found in the Real Weddings Winter wedding albums, which is a great place for inspo!

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 2

    Joanna and Mark - a neutral coat

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 3

    Yan and Gea, I'm #obsessed with this leather jacket look

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 4

    Matt and Donna - a little cape

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 5

    Joshua and Kaitlin - pashminas/shawls

    Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 6

    Olivia and Zachary - a full cloak

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    7 Super Cozy Winter Wedding Accessories to Complete Your Bridal Look

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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    I know you said no fur (not sure if it's the look of fur you dislike or if you don't want it for ethical reasons) but what about a wool or cashmere coat? There are also synthetic fuzzy coats. If you find something in a light beige or white, it could potentially work.

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  • Rayanne
    Featured June 2022 Ontario
    Rayanne ·
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    Have you thought of evening length gloves to help keep warm? I'll have the gloves and fake furWinter Wedding Shawl/jacket 7

    I know you don't want the fur have you looked at coats? I love this one. Winter Wedding Shawl/jacket 8

    I really went back and forth between this one and the fur. This coat wouldn't work with a ballgown but it's so pretty

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