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What’s your vegetarian option?

Joey, on April 27, 2018 at 08:05 Posted in Wedding reception 0 15

What is your vegetarian menu choice? What will you be serving to your vegetarians and veggie-loving guests?

What’s your vegetarian option? 1

Photo by Rajapaksa Catering in Olds, Alberta


Latest activity by Bianca, on May 2, 2018 at 23:17
  • Bianca
    Master August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
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    Our venue provides a vegan or vegetarian meal option (one or the other) so we're going with vegan because we're having several attending our wedding. I think they told us it would be a quiona-stuffed pepper.

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  • Cathrine
    Devoted April 2018 Ontario
    Cathrine ·
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    Our whole wedding was Vegan with a vegetarian option. For the cocktail hour we did spring rolls and veggie sushi.

    Salad Course

    Baby Leaf Lettuce & Frisee Pastiche

    Sun Dried Cranberries, Golden Raisins, Sun Flower Seeds, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds.

    Maple Shallot Vinaigrette

    Main Course

    Braised Vegetarian Tangine (VEGAN)

    Tofu, Chickpeas and Roasted Garlic in Tomato Sauce, served with Basmati Rice, Naan and Roasted Vegetables


    Gourmet Vegetarian Lasagna

    Individual Grilled Vegetables, Spinach and Goat Cheese Lasagna.


    Vegan Chocolate fudge cake

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    We had mushroom rissotto as main for the vegeterian guests.
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  • April
    Frequent user June 2018 British Columbia
    April ·
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    We are having vegetarian pizza, as well as vegetable trays.

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  • Amber
    Devoted September 2018 Alberta
    Amber ·
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    I am not sure we will need one and we haven't gone for our tasting yet, but I will probablyu leace it up to the chef, everything he makes is delicious!

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  • Maegan
    Super July 2018 British Columbia
    Maegan ·
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    We are not having a vegetarian option.... We asked for any dietary restrictions on our rsvps but recieved nothing back from anyone.

    We will have gluten free bread options for me though!!
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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
    Stephanie ·
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    We are doing a Western/South Asian fusion buffet dinner! We will have a veggie lasagna and a palak paneer dishes! As well as salads and veggies sides and for sure one pasta option will be veg too!
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  • Jennifer
    Super August 2018 Alberta
    Jennifer ·
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    We’re having a buffet so there will be veggie and salad options but I also don’t think we have any vegetarians on our guest list.
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  • Jessica
    Super March 2018 Ontario
    Jessica ·
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    We had an eggplant parmesan as our vegetarian option for the main course, and the rest of the courses were salads and soups with no meat.

    It looked so good, I wish I had asked for it on the day-of the wedding!

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  • Marie-Claire
    Devoted August 2018 Quebec
    Marie-Claire ·
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    We don't have a vegetarian option, but I don't think we have vegetarian guests on our list either. In any case, our venue is pretty accommodating if a few people can't eat the main options.

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  • Holly
    VIP June 2019 Ontario
    Holly ·
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    Our menu is pizza, pasta and salad. So the pasta will be meatless, and then salad or course, then we have a vegetarian pizza option.
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  • Amanda
    Curious July 2019 Alberta
    Amanda ·
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    I am with Chloe on this one. Buffet style and there should be enough options for them to figure out what they can eat Smiley smile

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  • Emily
    Devoted November 2018 Ontario
    Emily ·
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    I'm vegan, but our venue charges an extra $8 per plate for a full vegan menu, so our whole menu will actually be vegetarian! We're excited for our tasting coming up Smiley smile
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  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·
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    We had several salads and veggie sides but we also got our caterer to make vegetable strudels for our strictly vegetarian guests.

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  • Chloe
    Super May 2018 Ontario
    Chloe ·
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    We’re having a buffet at our wedding, and there are enough choices at the buffet for vegetarians. There will be a salad, grilled vegetables, mac n cheese, and cornbread.
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