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Wedding on a weekday

Banaan, on July 4, 2021 at 09:36 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 8
I’m a bride to be that has been engaged for almost a year now. My wedding is supposed to be next year (2022) & my fiancé and I didn’t really book any venders because life was so uncertain due to covid
Because of this, wedding venues are all booked up & the most that they can offer us is weekdays…..I dont want to do a weekday AT ALL!! I don’t want my wedding to be an inconvenience to guests & I don’t want to push my engagement back another year!! I don’t know what to doTime is ticking and we HAVE to put a deposit down within the next few days Help!! Smiley sad


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    I'm getting married this year on a Tuesday and let me tell you I am so happy we picked a week day rather than a week end! Not only did we save on the venue rental fee but it's kept our wedding guest count at a reasonable number! (Still getting rsvp but 90 is what were looking at) The only issue is that being summer a lot of the hotels in the area couldn't get us a wedding block.

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    Definitely don't settle. If a weekday is a deal breaker for you then choose a different venue or a different season. I'm getting married on a Thursday. Similar situation where our venue was completely booked for every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 2021. Honestly, picking a weekday has been great. We haven't had any problems with booking vendors. Most offer a weekday discount as well. It also helps to reduce your guest list. Those who want to be there will be there. I have found with Covid, most people are just happy to have something to look forward to!

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    Check out some of your local wedding groups on Facebook. People often post venues that they have paid a deposit on but no longer need and are looking for someone to take over their contract.
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    Your wedding can take place on the weekend next year as you wish. Its just a matter of time of which venue will have the option open for it and to book it. Fridays and Sundays seem less expensive for sure as Saturdays are more expensive to have your wedding. We did a Friday wedding and all our family flew out earlier or drove over from the states and left on the weekend Sunday. It was fun and no one will have an issue being the weekend and they getting a early start to party with you. I wish you luck and don't stop looking as you will get a venue to make it happen.
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  • Laura
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    One of my coworkers ran into a similar situation. They ended up having a small courthouse ceremony and then deferred the big celebration with friends and family to another year.

    Maybe get in touch with a wedding planner and see if they can offer advice? Sometimes it's about having the right connections for finding what you want.
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    Have you looked at all months of the year? I know May to October will very full but I can't imagine everything is fully booked in the off season. I'm sure if you reach out to non-traditional venues or expand your search something will come up. You may also want to consider reducing your guest list and looking into smaller venues that may have availability if you're not finding anything.

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    If you don't want your wedding to be on a weekday don't settle on a venue until you have found one that can accommodate your wedding on a weekend. My fiance and I have chosen to get married on a Sunday in August 2022 for a couple of reasons. All of the Saturday dates in August at our venue were already filled up and if we booked on a Friday or Sunday, our venue was going to give us a discount. If people really want to be at your wedding, they will be there. You shouldn't feel like your inconveniencing anybody with having your wedding any day of the week besides at Saturday . It's your day and you should do whatever feels right between you and your fiance Smiley heart

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    I'm sure if you continue looking, you can find a venue with some weekend availability. It might not be during high season, or it might be a Sunday but I doubt that every venue is completely booked up on every weekend date next year. Don't settle for a weekday when it's not what you want.
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