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Wedding Hair Suggestions

Hannah, on February 23, 2021 at 14:49 Posted in Beauty 0 3


Does anyone have suggestions for good places to get hair done for a wedding around the Kitchener/Cambridge area? Or know of someplace where the people travel to a hotel to do hair? Because of Covid I haven't been able to book anywhere and with the wedding coming up quickly I'm feeling the pressure.

Any and all suggestions would be great!


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    Salon parastar
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  • D
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    Hey Hanna,

    I highly suggest Looking Sharp Beauty Lounge. The owner is so friendly. I have worked with her before on weddings. (I'm a makeup artist, she is a hair guru) Katrina and her team do amazing work.
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    When you say you couldn't book, do you mean they're not willing to travel to you or they're not available?

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