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Wedding Dress Appointment - tomorrow

Jonelle, on July 16, 2021 at 16:25 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 7

Hello everyone! My wedding dress appointment is tomorrow at Amanda-Lina's in Ontario, and I just got a huge wave of anxiety about it! So I have a couple questions / concerns:

1) Has anyone been here to get their dress? And if so, was your experience a positive one?

2) What should I bring to an appointment? I quickly googled and found a couple suggestions - but what did you bring for your appointment or wish you had brought?

3) ^A couple sites suggested bringing shoes - or similar shoes - to what you plan on wearing on your special day, but how important is this? Because I have no idea what my wedding shoes will be like, and honestly with covid I have not updated my shoe collection and don't really have anything appropriate to pair with any dress right now Smiley ups and I don't wear heels much anyway..

Thank you!!


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  • Tunisha
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    Congratulations Jonelle!
    That is very exciting!!!!! 👏🏾 👏🏾
    Have any alterations to get done or it’s just as good? And did you go over budget or stay within….?
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  • Rayanne
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    Congratulations that is exciting!
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  • Jonelle
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    Jonelle ·
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    Thank you everyone!! I took a bunch of your advice, and it went very well!! I found my dress Smiley love

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  • Mais
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    I bought my dress from there! They are fantastic! Bring heels with you! Make sure your hair is down and ready for an up so if need be, strapless bra maybe and wear something easy to take off! Good luck!
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  • Hank
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    You don't have to bring the shoe but bring a pair whose height represents what you think you'll wear on the day of so that you can measure things out on the dress properly.

    Same goes for the gents when shoe shopping. They should be wearing dress shoes instead of sandals or sneakers so the tailor knows how much to hem the pants to give a proper break.

    As for makeup, I heard most places say do NOT wear makeup because it can get on the dresses.

    Like any fitting, don't go on an empty stomach. You'll likely eat and (hopefully) be full at your wedding so you want to account for that when checking for sizes.

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  • Liberty
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    Honestly, I don't think shoes are important for your first time trying on dresses. Once you decide on a dress you'll want to know what shoes you're going to wear if they need to order the dress to your height (this can be cheaper than getting the dress altered to the correct height if theres lace at the bottom or lots of layers)

    I do reccomend having some makeup on and have your hair up if you are planning on wearing it up for the wedding.Also if masks are mandatory I recommend getting a white mask to wear, IMO it looks better in pictures when you are looking back.
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  • Brittany
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    Hi! I don't live in Ontario but I have been to a few wedding dress stores and honestly, the only thing I did was some makeup and my hair. I didn't bring spanx, a body suit, a strapless bra, any shoes or anything literally.

    I knew in my wedding dress I didn't want to have to wear a bra, so every appointment I tried on dresses with no bra and just my panties LOL.

    If you think you are going to be saying yes to the dress the first appointment you go to, I would suggest having shoes in your car for just in case for the purpose of measurements. You don't want to order something too short, give the seamstress some room for error or if you change your mind on shoe height.

    But ultimately it is your preference! Some like the strapless bar, some like the body suit/spank and some like bringing in shoes and full glam make up and hair so they can get the idea, I went in with the thought of if this dress can make me feel like a beautiful princess without the extras, it will for sure make me feel 10000 more beautiful with all the make up, hair and accessories.

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