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Wagon for ring bearer

Allison, on July 1, 2021 at 20:56 Posted in Wedding ceremony 0 4
We had to move our wedding due to COVId and decided to have a baby in between - our baby will be 3 months at the wedding and I want him pulled in a wagon with a sign that says “daddy here comes mommy” - but I am trying to figure out who would pull him down the aisle - what makes most senses? When In the order would he be pulled?


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  • Karen
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    Two thoughts here...

    So if you have a fur baby, just attach the wee one in the Wagon to the Fur Baby and that will make an excellent stress breaking entrance...Fur Baby will undoubtedly to Dad with his/her partner in crime attached!

    IF no fur baby...

    Option Two,

    Last one down has a tag along and you wait an extra moment or two to allow everyone to recover from the cuteness overload...

    It's your Wedding...so long as you both agree - the flow is directed by the first one in - the Groom and the last one in - That is YOU Sunshine!


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  • Vinod
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    The baby being the ring bearer can be pulled by a sibling or another family member right before you make your entrance so the aisle will be clear and you make your way down with your father. The wagon will be placed by the groom/bride side of which sibling is handling the wagon.
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  • Stefanie-Ann
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    I agree with hank. However if you can, maybe have a second ring bearer to pull the wagon. I’ve seen this at a few weddings and it’s super cute
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  • Hank
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    Is your dad walking you down the aisle? Your mom can pull the wagon if you want to give her a role in the procession.

    Alternatively, if both your parents are walking you down and the groom is not doing the walk but already up at the front, his parents can pull the wagon.

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