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Venue Location on Hold!

Lynne, on November 10, 2021 at 12:32 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 4

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone's wedding planning are going smoothly! We finally have decided on a venue for our destination wedding but unfortunately, they're not booking until 12 months in advance! (We're getting married in Oct 2023) So we held the date we wanted.

Now, the hard part, what should we do with other vendors? Should we look into and book vendors before October 2022 and just tell them the tentative date? Or should I hold out until a year out? Because of covid, I'm sure tons of couples are booking well in advance or delaying their wedding into our year.

Any other tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

- Lynne


Latest activity by Vinod, on November 15, 2021 at 12:57
  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·
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    Your venue may be on hold for destination though you would need to have to book or let vendors know about the date and availability to travel. Vendors contracts do state the costs of travel, stay and meals are your responsibility to be aware to add to your budget.

    As much as you may want to wait and postpone booking vendors needed for the wedding, its best to inquire if they need to keep ahead of their schedule to keep open for your wedding as they need time to book other couples from travelling.

    Alternative of booking vendors here in Canada, your venue may have vendors they work with their hotels/resorts for weddings and rates to know if they will be available and save on the budget.

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  • Hank
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    If you're having a destination wedding outside the country at a resort or something, they will usually have all the necessary vendors in places for when they have events. Otherwise, if you're in a major city within Canada, there's still quite a bit of choice who can work on your day. Definitely don't lock anything in until you have your date firmly set with the venue.

    Booking almost two years in advance for anything also puts you in the disadvantageous position of being out of luck should the vendor shut down business or declare bankruptcy.

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  • Amanda
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    I personally would hold off with your vendors. You don't want to book vendors for a certain date until you have your venue and your date set in stone 100%. You never know what could happen. Then you're stuck with vendors with a date that you may not have.

    My fiance and I were in the same boat in 2017 when we got engaged and we looked at booking our venue and they weren't taking any bookings for another year for 2020. So we just held off until then and once we had those papers in our hands saying that we had this date then I was able to start looking for vendors like photographers and DJ's etc. We've had to postpone twice now because of covid.

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  • Jarrod
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    Jarrod ·
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    Hey Lynne! Congratulations on deciding on a venue!! Two years away, I can only imagine the anticipation haha!

    My opinion might not be valid because I'm not doing a destination wedding, but, personally I'd say holding out until closer to that Oct 2022 venue booking date might be the best.
    While on the one hand you're giving yourself great leeway to almost guarantee any vendor you want since you know your date so far in advance, it also opens the door to potential headaches should anything at all happen in the next 11 months that result in the need for a venue or date change, and subsequently shifting that for all of your previously booked vendors.
    Definitely doesn't hurt to start looking at what's available, what they offer, what you want, but I'd say putting a deposit down to book a vendor should wait until the venue has completely secured your date.
    Best of luck with whatever way you choose to go, and congratulations!!!
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