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Transportation and Shuttle Services for Guests

Shilo, on February 19, 2022 at 18:17 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 4

Hello Brides and Grooms,

Looking for advice on providing a shuttle service for your guests for your wedding. We're getting married at Coutts Centre which is out in the country and about 10 minutes from the nearest town. There are no taxi or Uber services available in this area. We are having an open bar so my opinion is that we should provide some sort of transportation for our guests in case they want to have a few drinks, but not everyone agrees. Has anyone had any experience with hiring a shuttle service for their guest for their wedding? Any adivce on whether it was money well spent or if we should skip it and save the cash. Extra points if you've have had your wedding at Coutts and have any pointers.



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  • Shilo
    Newbie July 2022 Alberta
    Shilo ·
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    Thank you so mucbto everyone who gave their advice. It was very helpful in us making our decision. We are going to go with a big yellow school bus and have a few pick up and drop off points and a few pickup times throught the night.
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  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·
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    Transportation is a good thing to have in case anyone does drink more and shouldn't drive. It will be good to have them taken to the ceremony and reception and then back to the hotel. Consider the cost of the vendor you choose and how many hours they do offer. Budgeting will know if your willing to go more out of the cost spending or bargain for less hours needed.

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  • Carmel
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    In this scenerio I would definitely be booking a shuttle. Regardless of where they're staying they need to be able to get to somewhere where they can then take an Uber or taxi if they've been drinking. I've taken the shuttle from many weddings even if I'm not staying at the hotel, it still brings me closer to home and then I have a way to get home. The one wedding we went to in the middle of no where with no shuttle, most of us ended up leaving early because we couldn't drink (we were like 27-29 years old) or would have no way home (we did carpool but drivers didn't want to stay late). Not a great vibe!
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  • Hank
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    Hank ·
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    Is everyone (or at least majority of people) staying at a designated hotel? If so, I would get the shuttle. Since you're schlepping everyone out to the middle of nowhere with no modes of public transportation, it's courteous for you as host to provide a safe ride home.

    If most people going home afterward, then they will need to arrange their own ride somehow. I've been to weddings that are out in the middle of nowhere and I drove because it would not make sense to spend the money on a cab or Uber at the distance. I just made sure that I was in a proper and legal condition to drive.

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