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To spray tan or not to spray tan... that's the question?!

Jennifer, on April 4, 2021 at 16:25 Posted in Beauty 0 4
Hey ladies!!!

I need your help! I want to be tanned and gorgeously even for my wedding day(sept of next year) I have tons of time. I am curious brides did you fake and bake? Or spray tan?
I Haven't had a spray tan before. Normally someone who tans well.. but for my wedding I'm curious. If I got a spray tan would it run off on my dress? How soon before the wedding do you get one? Can you pick your shade or just whatever the spray gun gives ya? Lol


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    I've heard that even good spray tans can look orange in photos, so if you do end up getting a spray tan test it out first well before the wedding and take photos both close up and from afar so you can see if you look orange or not. The studio should be able to advise how soon in advance you should have it done to avoid it transferring onto your dress. If you tan easily it might be better to just gradually tan to the shade you want over the Summer, although tanning in general really isn't very good for your skin so be careful and still wear spf. Good luck!

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    One good thing about a September wedding is that you could just go out to the beach and get out in the sun before fall sets in!

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    I've never done spray tans or self tanners since I tan very easy since my pigment comes out very fast with the sunlight. The only advice that I would give is definitely try something ahead of time so you know what to expect. You don't want to look like an orange the day of your wedding.

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    LOL sorry, couldn't resist

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