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Time for guests to arrive?

Kelsey, on February 12, 2022 at 00:22 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 4
Does anyone else have a situation where their guests need to travel into the ceremony site once they arrive to a location? We are having our ceremony at a farm property at the edge of their property, which requires guests to take a horse and wagon to get back there (about 8 mins). Is there a way to word on the invitations "you need to get here by 2:30 even though ceremony doesn't start until 3 because you have to have travel time once arrived"? Only 30 guests can go at a time (we have about 80) so trying to figure out if there's a way to communicate that they need to arrive earlier than ceremony start time because there will be additional travel time....and how to ensure all the guests don't show up 10 mins prior expecting to all get back there at the same time


Latest activity by Tunisha, on February 24, 2022 at 13:30
  • Tunisha
    Featured October 2021 Ontario
    Tunisha ·
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    Yeah, I like Hank’s wording, straight to the point.
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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    You can say "Transport to ceremony leaves at 2:30pm. Please arrive on time."

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    I would leave the ceremony time as your regular though it can be mentioned the transport of horse and buggy will be taking you there. We would love to see you there on time as it will be a few minutes to get arrive to the ceremony site.

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  • Carmel
    Featured December 2020 Ontario
    Carmel ·
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    I would just put 2:30 as the start time of your wedding on the invite and if you're using a website you can go into more detail there. Less is more on an invite. Give only the time they need to arrive to avoid any confusion or anyone thinking it's fine if they're late. Depending on the vibe of your invite you could say "horses depart for ceremony at 2:30" or something haha.
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