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Suit Shopping - Advice & Deals?

Allison, on September 11, 2018 at 16:52 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 8
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Our wedding is next June, and I have arranged for my fiancé (Cam) and his groomsmen to go suit shopping at the beginning of October of this year. I was just wondering if anyone might have any advice on things they wish they had done differently or any money saving tips they know of when it comes to shopping for the men? I am hoping that sending them early gives us enough time to watch for sales if everything seems to be too pricey in October.

Are there seasonal deals that anyone is aware of, or is there a "best" time of year to go?

Looking for any advice (: Thanks in advance!


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  • DrB
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    Be very very careful when you order a custom suit- my husband ordered his with what he thought was a considerable amount of time and Moore’s guaranteed that it would arrive in time. The week (!) before he finally called them and it turned out the factory was on summer shut down and it would not be done. They ended up giving him a suit off the rack, tailoring it immediately and giving him half-off on the shirt, tie, etc.

    Turned out ok in the end, but he was in Moore’s every day for the week leading up to the wedding. Pretty stressful. He ended up getting his custom suit a week later (complete with wedding date embroidered in the lining) and got to keep the freebie suit.

    So yeah- long story short- order early and don’t wait until the last minute to check when something seems off.
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  • Clarissa
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    So Moorse can be a great option but it really does depend on the individual store. They do have some great sales though so you can buy a nice high quality and very expensive suit for less than renting some times. If you go to a wedding show they will also give you a coupon book so the suits are much cheaper than regular price as others have pointed out.

    Another option if they are looking to buy is a Nordstrom or Simons if you have one in your area. Nordstrom can be a bit more pricy though so watch for when they have their sales. But you can get custom tailored suits made for a pretty decent price from there.
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  • Rosalyn
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    Do not use moores!!!! I had the absolute worst experience with them!!
    If the guys want to rent, tip-top is a good place. If they want to buy I highly suggest Indo Chino - tailor suits for really good prices!!
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  • Vinod
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    Wedding show specials amy help to save on the cost. However, rental cost is the same as purchasing one. If your wanting your FH and groomsmen to wear a tux for one day, better to rent it over purchasing. Same goes for suit of the guys feel they don't want to have to purchase another suit keeping in the closet.

    I say go rental and not customized for its higher pricing.
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  • Maya
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    Here in Edmonton at Moore’s if my fiancé has 5 guys renting a suit then he will be given 400 dollars off a custom suit for himself which if he got a full suit it would only cost him 350 for the works.
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  • Alexandra
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    Honestly wait for the Black Friday/Boxing Day sales if you’re going to buy. That’s what my future brother in law did and he got insane deals!
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  • Brittany
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    #1 way to save money with guys is to go with rentals. We are getting full tuxedos (pants, shirt, jacket, vest, tie/bowtie, cuff links AND shoes) from a men's formal wear store attached to a local bridal salon. They get the full rental, damage deposit and taxes in, for $248... which for a tuxedo with all accessories included is pretty good (within $10 difference of Moore's tux rental)...

    If you want the guys to actually buy a suit... I'd suggest waiting for winter/Christmas time, and go to The Bay... they often have deep discounts on formal wear near/just after the holidays. And the guys can either shop in store, or order online. That may be the best option for a deal for purchase price.

    When we do the rentals, however, 5 full tux/suit rentals gives my fiance a $400 store credit, which we are using towards purchasing his tuxedo.

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  • Tori
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    Only thing that I can think of is to perhaps wait for any wedding shows that may go on in your province as they may have vendors that will have deals. Here in MB we have the wonderful wedding show in January where Moore's will be having a booth/station.

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