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Renting suits during Covid

Genna, on November 5, 2020 at 22:10 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 3
I'm wondering what the smarter solution here is. My fiance's best man and groomsmen live in the states. They want to get the matching outfits with my fiance but because we live in Canada there is no way to match the color unless we get their measurements and order the outfits for them or they order my fiance's outfit with theirs. I was under the impression that they would just buy dress pants and dress shirts and a tie, not a suit . A suit you would have to rent because they are very low on money. Doesn't it make more sense to just buy the outfits instead of renting? Even if they did renting they have to come up to Canada and get fitted two weeks before the wedding date which they can't do because technically they would be in quarantine because they come up from the states. It just doesn't make any sense to me


Latest activity by Gloria, on November 6, 2020 at 13:55
  • Gloria
    Expert October 2022 Ontario
    Gloria ·
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    It really depends on what you’re looking for... are you going suit or tux? In addition, think about 1) quality (do they care if it’s good quality or meh) 2) will they wear them in the future ?

    We are doing tuxes. Didn’t make sense to spend $700 buying it when we could rent for around $150-200 per person. That’s just my personal opinion. Think about whether they’ll wear them again or not and go from there Smiley smile
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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    Is your fiance wearing a suit? The groomsmen doesn't have to match exactly. For example, if your fiance is wearing charcoal, they could wear light gray so your fiance stands out.

    But if you guys prefer everyone wear the same color, it's very doable. Many retailers in the states have equivalent stores in Canada and many brands are available across both countries. Color matching won't be an issue for you.
    When you say low on money, how low are we talking here? Renting is slightly cheaper but ultimately every guy needs a suit, no matter how little they use it, and a purchase is a very worthy investment as Amelia said. Not to mention, rentals usually don't look good.
    As for wearing a shirt and tie without the suit jacket, it's not a great look in my opinion. It makes a man's outfit feel incomplete and if your guests are wearing suits, your groomsmen will look less formal and put together then your guests.
    Let me know your budget and I can recommend some retailers that fit your price.
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  • Amelia
    Master October 2020 New Brunswick
    Amelia ·
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    When my husband bought his suit earlier this year the staff at RW&co didn't do the measurements, one of our friends did under the staff's guidance, so there's a chance that rental place might not be doing fittings the same way as they would have pre-covid.

    Are the guys in the states close to each other? If they are you could ask that they get together and buy pants and ties from the same store to ensure they're the same color.
    My husband didn't own a suit, so buying one was an investment. I think altogether his outfit was less than $400. We had never planned on renting, and we were shopping when stores had just opened after lockdown so renting wasn't appealing. Nice pants and a shirt would still be more affordable than renting if the guys are tight on money, and if that's the look you want then I would encourage them to get that instead of a suit.
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