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Plus size wedding photography

Colleen, on February 24, 2021 at 19:53 Posted in Beauty 1 5
Hey everyone!
So I’m definitely a curvy girl (about a size 18 and 5’1) and have been looking for some tips on how to get the best versions of my wedding photos (ex. poses, tips, etc.). I’m really bummed by how many posts and forums I’ve read of brides just shaming themselves or talking about how much they hope to lose by their wedding... I’m not going to lie, I definitely have some insecurities about my body, but I also LOVE my curves and believe that I shouldn’t feel like less of a bride because I have them!

So I’m asking all my curvy girls out there, what are you doing to help yourself feel like the beautiful and fierce bride that you are, despite all this pressure to lose weight for your wedding?
Let’s build each other up!!


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  • Rayanne
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    Your are going to look like your best self. You need to rock that. Just knowing that you look beautiful and everyone loves you should help boost that confidence. You'll look amazing if you feel amazing and i truly hope you do. It's your day. ...and as a mother don't slouch pictures will look better 😉
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  • Amelia
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    Definitely ask your photographer! They know everything to make everyone look good from angles to outfits to lighting. You should also ask if they have any previous shoots of fuller figured brides so you can see how well they did.
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  • Gioia
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    I agree with everyone else here. I am a big size as well and just being myself and not trying to pose with poses I know would make me not feel confident and such at my engagement photo shoot with my fiance gives me so much confidence of how amazing our wedding photos will turn out. Definitely talk to your photographer before hand, its worth it! Plus size wedding photography 1

    Plus size wedding photography 2

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  • Christiana
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    I think Hank is spot on. I was a bit worried about how I’d look in photos (I’m about a size 14 and 5’6”) but our photographer did a great job and I really like how I looked in most of our photos. The engagement session really put me at ease that she’d be able to make us look great on our wedding day.
    I think it might be worthwhile chatting with your photographer about it beforehand if you feel there are certain angles or poses you don’t feel confident with. They might suggest trying it anyway and then you can see what the result is. If you still don’t like them then the photographer knows for the wedding day to avoid those things.
    I will also say that our photographers photos were 100% more flattering than some photos taken by guests that I’ve seen. So definitely don’t be discouraged if the first non-professional photos you see (which I assume will be from friends and family) aren’t what you were hoping for.
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  • Hank
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    Though I can't speak to being a curvy lady, I will say the best way to come out looking great in photos is to be natural. I know it sounds cliche but a lot of people make the mistake of trying too hard to not be themselves and in my experience, that awkwardness really shows on camera. Don't "pose" if that's not your thing. A good photographer will know how to capture your best based on their interaction with you.

    And as a segway, this is why I highly recommend using the same photographer for both your engagement photos and for the day of the wedding. Less likely with independent photographers but some companies send their main person to work the wedding day and a junior for the engagement shoots.

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