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Curious September 2019 Manitoba


Michelle, on August 29, 2019 at 22:00 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 6
I’m freaking out! Our wedding is in 23 days and our photographer just tells us that she thinks we should do our pictures outside since inside pictures don’t usually turn out as good. The ceremony is at 5pm and cocktail hour is 5:30-6:30 so there’s not much time to go anywhere for pictures. Our coordinator says most people at the hotel we’re getting married at either have pictures inside in the lounge or outside the hotel by the fountain. We’re hoping for pictures by the fountain but it’s also right by the parking lot. It sounds like our photographer is against the pictures inside since she prefers natural light outdoors.


Latest activity by Ashley, on September 11, 2019 at 14:29
  • Ashley
    VIP August 2020 Ontario
    Ashley ·
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    Can you do the photos before the ceremony? like a first look kind of thing? also shouldnt the photo guy be bringing lights and equipment? when i had my engagement shoot done my guy brought lights

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  • Vinod
    Top August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    The photographer may be freaking you out because of the opinion given best to get results for the picture location. I do understand that you will get the parking lot in the hotel pictures and that isn't something you want to see unless you have good lighting in the hotel itself. You can take the photographers advice if agreed on the location chosen outside the hotel.

    You can choose to decline the photographers advise and proceed with your original plan in the reception hall before your guests enter to sit. This will be the perfect opportunity to choose the hall or anywhere in the hotel that has good lighting to take pictures.

    When it came to deciding where our family picture at the ceremony site was to be taken, the photographer knew the sunny spot was perfect which I agreed to do it since his aunt and my mom couldn't move that much on their feet. The videographer suggested a shadowy spot that didn't fit the outlook of a location of my choice or photographer.

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  • Becky
    VIP September 2019 Ontario
    Becky ·
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    Try not to freak out! I know your first instinct is too. In the end it is your decision. She is more likely suggesting that because it would be better lighting and look nicer. However, Either way the photo's will be very beautiful. Regardless of where your doing it at the hotel people will be walking by you when photo's being taken. You could always do inside and outside photo's to get best of both worlds.

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  • W
    Curious July 2020 Alberta
    Whovian ·
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    Your photographer is just giving her professional opinion.
    We are doing a first look and some other photos outside before the ceremony which will be indoors.
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  • Erin
    Super September 2019 Ontario
    Erin ·
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    Your photographer is a professional and is simply letting you know their professional opinion. At the end of the day, YOU'RE paying THEM, and they will do whatever you want.

    I agree with Tori - if that's something you're willing to do. (I myself am a bit of a traditionalist and will not be doing a first look, but I totally get that it makes more sense for some people!)

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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·
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    Don't freak out!!! At the end of they day it's your decision!! However - what about doing a first look picture and then all of the wedding party and immediate family pictures earlier in the day? (Unless you already have hair & mua booked for later in the morning.)

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