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Maria, on May 22, 2021 at 02:50 Posted in Ontario 0 3
Hey everyone!

Does anyone have ANY idea what these new rules mean for outdoor wedding ceremonies? I’ve completely given up on trying to have a reception and a proper full on wedding, but I’m just hoping I can atleast have my ceremony with my close friends and family. It says 2 metre physical distancing - does that mean we can have more than 10 people as long as everyone’s maintaining a 2 metre distance? I don’t understand why it’s so vague..


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  • Karen
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    I don't have the answers folks.

    I do believe that we all need to take a moment and breath! There can still be some joy in this planning process if we take baby steps and pick our way through it.

    I have no idea if this is where we should start but maybe start with the Health Office in YOUR area..they will be able to sort the final numbers out and how much distance is required if need be...10 may include the Photographer & Officiant BUT if they can't tell you - they should know who can!

    Let's not forget to enjoy some of is YOUR SPECIAL DAY!


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    Currently if you're getting married in a staffed venue, you're allowed as many people as you can fit if each person is given 2m of space to distance.

    If you're getting married at home, you're only allowed a max of 25 people outdoors. Of course, this is subject to space (you can't shove 25 people in if your backyard can only comfortably sit 10) and fire code regulations.

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  • Emma
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    I'm stressing out trying to figure out the same thing. Our wedding is July 3rd and we narrowed our numbers down to 10 people to have our immediate family... But that doesn't include our photographer or the officiant. Some provinces are allowing 10 + the officiant and photographers but I think Ontario is making us include them in that 10.

    This whole thing is such a mess and it's making me hate everything right now.
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