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Curious July 2018 Ontario

One night accommodation resorts in ontario

Nicole, on March 23, 2017 at 17:49 Posted in Ontario 0 2
Hello! We are gettsing married next summer, July 7th! We have been hitting a bit of a snag with venues and required number of stays. Basically we are looking at a private ceremony with under 20 people and then having the reception with 50-60 approx people. So for our guests who will be attending the ceremony we are requiring a two night stay but for our guests only attending the reception they will only require one night stay. Any place we have contacted will only do a 2 night minimum stay, which means our reception guests will have no accommodation at the resort. Sigh..any one have any venues they could suggest???! We are looking for an outdoor/beach type wedding in a lodge/resort type setting. More country than city. Somewhere that offers ceremony, reception and accommodation. We are in Bancroft, Ontario and would love something within 1-2 hours from us. We've been searching Peterborough, Ottawa type locations. Any help/tips is much appreciated! We've contacted over 10 venues and no luck yet. Do these type of resorts not exist?!


Latest activity by Nicole, on March 24, 2017 at 08:29
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    Curious July 2018 Ontario
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    Hello! Yes I've been looking through the venders on here. I can only seem to filter location on the computer not on the app. I have contacted 7 venues on this site so far but will keep searching! I will check out those discussions as well. We are looking into venues that offer ceremony, reception and accommodation. So a resort/lodge type environment.
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    Hey Nicole! Welcome! I'm so happy to meet you! Let's see how we can help... Smiley smile Have you already checked the venues in our directory? Wedding Venues near Bancroft You can filter by type of venue you prefer too. I think the other ladies in your area would also be able to help. You can meet them and reach out in here:

    Chelsea - My vendors in peterborough, ontario

    Daykota - My vendors in rice lake ontario

    Kiersten - Wedding venues in ottawa

    I hope this helps! Let us know how your search goes! What type of venue have you been looking into? Do you like restaurants or loft types? Smiley smile

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