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On A Scale Of 1-10... how surprised were you by the proposal?

Joey, on July 29, 2019 at 07:59 Posted in Before the wedding 0 31

If you were proposed to, was it a shock, or did you have hints that the proposal was coming?

If you were the one who proposed, did you plan for a very long time, or did you blurt it out on the spur of the moment?

Was the proposal a 10 on the shocking scale, or were you a totally unsurprised 1?

On A Scale Of 1-10... how surprised were you by the proposal? 1

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Latest activity by Kirsten, on October 1, 2019 at 20:55
  • Kirsten
    Frequent user April 2020 Alberta
    Kirsten ·
    • Dispute

    1- his sister inlaw told me about the ring by accident, and he was very obvious about everything else as he had told me his ideas and timelines in the past lol

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  • Melissa
    Devoted September 2021 Ontario
    Melissa ·
    • Dispute

    I would say 5.. I new it was going to happen I just didn't when/where

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  • Christine
    Frequent user October 2019 Ontario
    Christine ·
    • Dispute

    3 just because we had talked about it for several years. I also remember that he talked to my dad on the phone and went for a walk, which is unusual for him.

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  • Nelly
    Devoted October 2021 Ontario
    Nelly ·
    • Dispute
    10 she had no idea I was going to propose
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  • M
    Expert September 2019 Ontario
    Meaghan ·
    • Dispute

    We didn't have any big proposal, more like a series of discussions. One night, while watching tv, I said "I want to get married!". And then we picked a date just over a month from then. So I wasn't surprised. I think in the moment he was very surprised when I blurted it out!
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  • Samantha
    Super June 2021 Ontario
    Samantha ·
    • Dispute

    Probably a 3? lol We had been together for 12 years already and bought a house the previous year, so it was obvious that it would happen I just didn't know the circumstances of when or where. The thing that surprised me was the ring itself though, it wasn't like anything I had shown him before, but he totally nailed it!

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  • Michelle
    Expert October 2021 Nova Scotia
    Michelle ·
    • Dispute

    1 - Aha he was very obvious and accidentally let it slip pretty much exactly when and how he was going to propose. What I was surprised about was the ring because he completely picked it out himself

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  • Kristen
    Curious October 2021 Ontario
    Kristen ·
    • Dispute
    8 - I knew it was coming soon as we talked about getting married. We had gone away a month before and I thought that’s when it would happen so when it didn’t I had no idea when it would be which was nice Smiley smile
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  • Steph
    Expert June 2022 Ontario
    Steph ·
    • Dispute
    10! We had only been together 2.5 months and it was on my birthday, MAJOR surprise ❤
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  • Bianca
    Master August 2019 Ontario
    Bianca ·
    • Dispute

    10. I wasn't expecting it whatsoever.

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  • Alexandra
    VIP November 2019 British Columbia
    Alexandra ·
    • Dispute
    A solid 8. Like we’d talked about it, but I didn’t expect it to happen when it did, I was expecting it to be held off.
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  • Amanda
    Super June 2019 Ontario
    Amanda ·
    • Dispute

    I will say a 7.

    I knew it was coming, but on the day in the moment I was surprised.

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  • Rebecca
    Devoted November 2019 Quebec
    Rebecca ·
    • Dispute
    It was a 1 and a 10! It was a 1 because I ( the FB) turned to my FH and said half joking, "wanna get married and elope?" And a 10 because he said "yeah sure! Well get you a ring in a few weeks" When he had previously said that he didnt see the point of marriage.
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  • Holly
    VIP June 2019 Ontario
    Holly ·
    • Dispute
    If say 6. I knew he was going to eventually, I knew he had the ring and I knew he had it sized to fit me. I just didn't know when he would do it.
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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
    • Dispute

    He didn't propose though he felt that it was going to be special.

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  • Hélène
    Devoted September 2019 Alberta
    Hélène ·
    • Dispute
    9. I had a sneaky feeling something was up, but expected him to do it somewhere meaningful instead of where he did and thought he’d wait longer than he did. Apparently he’d had the ring for a couple of weeks and couldn’t wait any longer.
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  • Kathy
    Frequent user August 2019 Ontario
    Kathy ·
    • Dispute
    Maybe a 3. A lot of random things happened that made me suspicious😂 it was still nice tho. He makes all my birthdays wonderful.
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  • Amelia
    Super September 2020 Ontario
    Amelia ·
    • Dispute

    Maybe around a 7 for me. We'd been together for over 8 years and had talked about getting married but I was adamant I wanted to wait til we were both done school. For the actual event (5 months after he finished school), he had an elaborate plan to avoid dropping any hints (which was pulled off successfully). I still thought it was weird for him to fly me out to Alberta for only a few days but it completely slipped my mind how odd it was once I was out there.

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  • Alix
    Expert June 2021 Saskatchewan
    Alix ·
    • Dispute

    I'm probably a 3. He had been talking about marriage pretty much since we started dating. And kept saying my 25th birthday had to be special. Then as it got closer her started saying lovey things even more than usual and tearing up when he said them. And he was texting more like he was planning something. And I was right, he proposed on my birthday where we had our first kiss. And planned a surprise party for that evening where we announced we were engaged.

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  • Allison
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Allison ·
    • Dispute

    I'm probably around a 9 - I kind of was hoping he'd propose on our cruise vacation but I was still surprised when he did propose if that makes sense.

    He ended up proposing 2 days before the cruise itself while we were in Miami, which is what threw me for a surprise. If he'd propose on the boat, my surprise would've been around a 7 probably.

    I didn't know about the ring at all, mostly because I told him it wasn't necessary, but I'm glad he didn't listen to me lol

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  • Chelsea
    Super June 2020 Alberta
    Chelsea ·
    • Dispute
    About a 2! i knew there was a ring, we were going on an incredible vacation - i woke up that day knowing it was THE DAY!
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  • Janaya
    Expert August 2019 Saskatchewan
    Janaya ·
    • Dispute

    Gosh, idk! I was kinda surprised but I also felt it coming. we had picked out my ring together a couple weeks prior so I knew it would come but I guess I didn't expect it in the way he did it

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  • Stephanie
    Master July 2018 Alberta
    Stephanie ·
    • Dispute
    I would say a three. I knew it was coming since we had already booked our venue. When he left the room and came back in, I was pretty sure he had the ring in his pocket: which he did
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  • Valérie
    VIP September 2019 Quebec
    Valérie ·
    • Dispute


    We'd been talking about getting married for a couple of year, I had sent him pictures of what I liked....but he played it SO cool. Anytime someone would ask about it, he'd have such a dude's response (We'll get married in 20+ years, for example). So he totally caught me off guard with the proposal.

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  • Casey
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
    • Dispute

    I would have to say a 10. We had talked about getting married, I have sent him pictures of rings and all that jazz, but I honestly had NO idea that he bought a ring, and was planning on proposing while we were on vacation

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  • Kelsie
    Master July 2021 Ontario
    Kelsie ·
    • Dispute

    I would say 6, only because we had been discussing getting engaged a lot, had already pre-booked our date and venue and I just had a feeling. We were missing Christmas with his aunts and uncles to go to Niagara - which I thought was fishy.

    He kept me guessing though by telling me there was no way we could get engaged until June 2019 as he was not finished with his articling yet, clearly he shocked me that way!

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  • Lisa
    Expert August 2019 Alberta
    Lisa ·
    • Dispute

    Around a 7, I think. We talked about getting married (had been together almost 10 years by that point) and I thought our trip to South Africa (both of our once in a lifetime bucket list kinda trips) would be a great time to propose, but I really had no idea that he bought a ring, or had anything planned. He planned it for our last evening at sunset on safari - was so magical! He even had champagne ready! Smiley smile

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  • Becky
    VIP September 2019 Ontario
    Becky ·
    • Dispute

    6- We talked about it for so long and was waiting. Didn't know about the ring but new should expect it because of way talking. The way he asked yes def was surprised.

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  • Seleena
    Super September 2019 British Columbia
    Seleena ·
    • Dispute
    Mine was about a 5. I knew he bought a ring (13 months prior!!) and we were on a trip in Iceland which was special to us. I knew he would propose on that trip but he literally waited until 3 hours before we had to be at the airport to go home 😂
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  • Tori
    Top October 2019 Manitoba
    Tori ·
    • Dispute

    My surprise level was a 0 (I proposed)

    As for how planned it was - for sure NOT spur of the moment! I had a whole date night planned and bracelets to propose with and everything Smiley xd

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  • Caitlyn
    Super January 2020 Ontario
    Caitlyn ·
    • Dispute
    I’d say that I was about an 8. I knew that he’d bought a ring. He’d gone out of his way though and said multiple times that he hoped I wasn’t upset on our anniversary that there wouldn’t be a proposal (there was) and he also didn’t propose at the restaurant and waited until we were home.
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