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Music Playlist idea's

Carly, on January 9, 2020 at 08:33 Posted in Plan a wedding 1 8

Hey everyone,

So I'm still in the early stages (verrrrrrrry early) stages of wedding planning, but i’m too antsy to just wait around. So for our music we don’t need to rent any equipment because we have access to it, and were going to go the create our own playlist route. I want to make sure that we have music from all decades, and I know that I'll have to rearrange and create a definitive list for when the time comes (would rather have flo rida’s low play at the end of the evening when it's the late crowd instead of during cocktail hour with the grandparents and young kids :b). After looking at various sites with, i created a compiled a list of what are good songs to play for weddings from specific decades. I picked songs on the lists that I (a 27 year old female who listens to a wide range of music) recognise and would enjoy or not mind to have at my weddings. I took it a step further to add a number system to somewhat categorize the songs and know which sort of songs I should choose from at certain times. Obviously it depends on your tastes, but I thought that this list is a good start, especially if you are not familiar with much of the older styles but want to include some for your guests. Though i'd share this as a useful starting point for fellow brides Smiley smile


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  • Tracy
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    Tracy ·
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    One of the things I'm doing is with the invites I'm asking for an song request. This way we can incorporate everyone's tastes. Especially with us it's difficult because we like hard rock and that's hard to dance to lol. Keep if fun and true to you. So if you're not very sappy then have an upbeat song for the first song and do a bit of a jive style dance. You can inundated on the web, but you found a great list.

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  • Meisha
    Beginner August 2020 Saskatchewan
    Meisha ·
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    Awesome list! Thanks

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  • S
    Curious September 2020 Alberta
    Slma ·
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    This is great. Thank you for sharing!

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  • Monique
    Devoted August 2020 Saskatchewan
    Monique ·
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    Thank you for the list! I’ve been worried about making a playlist but this will make it easier 🙂

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  • Vinod
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    Vinod ·
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    You have found a great system that works for you and to be organized. Its amazing how every decade has been included to let everyone enjoy their year. The party mood will set everyone to get up and dance as generations coming to party for the evening.

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  • Amelia
    Master October 2020 New Brunswick
    Amelia ·
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    Hey Carly! Welcome to wedding wire!
    I found Pinterest was helpful in finding crowd pleasing song lists from all eras. A little 70s (Abba is always a hit!), and 80s can get everyone off their butts at some point.
    I'd recommend a few playlists so that as you mentioned you don't have late night dance music shuffle during dinner!I'm excited to take a look at your list, thank you for sharing!
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  • Samantha
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    Samantha ·
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    I didn't even think to share mine! More and more brides are going the Spotify route so this should just be a thing. I'll have to organize mine a bit more for it to be share-worthy lol but thanks! There's some on your list that totally slipped my mind, so this is definitely a great idea.
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  • Ashley
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    Ashley ·
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    Oh wow this is awesome!! thanks for sharing with the other members!!

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