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Makeup and Face Masks

Colleen, on March 25, 2021 at 00:13 Posted in Beauty 0 4
What did (or are) people doing about their makeup and having to wear face masks at some point during the day? I know I won’t have to wear one during the ceremony (we are still being safe and only have 10 people in a church that sits hundreds), but I definitely will have to wear one to enter our restaurant venue, possibly while walking through places to get photos, etc. I thought about getting one of those plastic protectors but I’m not sure if they really work...

Any suggestions?


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  • Colleen
    Curious May 2021 Ontario
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    Thanks so much this really puts my mind at ease!
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  • Carmel
    Featured March 2021 Ontario
    Carmel ·
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    I had my makeup done at 10:30 am for a 5:30 pm wedding start - all Aveda products so not airbrushed - very little of my makeup was on my mask. If you're getting your makeup done, they're professionals and know what they're doing! Just make sure they use a setting spray. I really only started to see more on my mask at the end of the night when we were dancing more (yes we were able to with rules) and was sweating - so, not surprised! Definitely make sure you have the lipstick being used to reapply; with talking, that's most likely to get on your mask. Even without masks, we all know lipstick doesn't stay on all day, regardless of its advertisement!
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  • Alexis
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    Alexis ·
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    I’m getting airbrush makeup that’s waterproof and sweat proof (I’m hoping it lives up to that)
    Mostly just hoping for the best lol
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  • Christiana
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    Christiana ·
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    I would just try to go light with face makeup. The less that’s on the less there is to mess up. So if you’re comfortable with skipping foundation and just using a long wearing concealer that might be your best bet. If not just go as light as you can with foundation in the mask area and powder well. I’d also carry around products to touch up - concealer, powder, blotting sheets, lip products.
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