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Invitations for large ceremony and small reception

Kirsten, on June 23, 2022 at 00:56 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 2
We are getting married in October 2022 and we are doing two ceremonies but one reception. The first ceremony will be a traditional Sikh ceremony (my fiance is of Indian descent and I'm caucasian) on the Friday. We will be doing a couple of traditional Sikh pre-wedding events as well. My partner and I both were uncomfortable with a typical 300+ person Indian reception, as we are both quite introverted and low key. I have always dreamed of an eclectic white dress dream wedding, so we decided to do a second ceremony (non denominational, our own vows etc) and reception for 150 people on the Saturday. The saturday is my dream midcentury groovy wedding day and is intended to be an authentic day about us as a couple.

In order to appease my partner's family, we have told them that they can invite whoever they want to the Sikh ceremony as the temple is large. However, only a select 150 people will be invited to the "white dress" wedding and reception (that's the max for our chosen venue).
We are planning on doing two invitations: a main one for the Sikh wedding ceremony, and then a small insert card for those that are invited to the second ceremony and reception. The problem is we don't know what to write on the second card to make it clear that not everyone is invited to both. We will have a wedding website that will show guests only the events they are invited to.
Has anyone done something like this before? Any advice on how we could word this?
Thanks in advance!


Latest activity by KELLY, on June 23, 2022 at 19:57
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    I agree with Carine. Create an invite for the ceremony at the temple and a second one to the white dress wedding with an insert for the reception
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  • Carine
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    Seems like you may need three invites, one for the Sikh wedding ceremony, one for your second ceremony and do the insert that invites them to the reception, this way prevents people randomly showing up, or drama because they were invited to all 3 events?

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