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How to do the invites?!

Kay, on June 22, 2021 at 12:42 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 3
Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with how to invite people to our wedding. We can have as many people as we want at the ceremony, but so far we can only have 25 people for our reception. Is it rude to make two invitations, one inviting close family & friends to the reception, and another for cousins etc. Should I be only inviting people to the ceremony that are coming to the reception? Or should I go ahead and invite everyone to the ceremony… any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    Everyone is in the same situation. You could try as we did for our 50 list then the 25 list. We have invited our guests to total 25 of us. There are a couple of people on "standby" if things open up, but we are also doing the virtual via website. It is safer for everyone to be in smaller groups and we still need to practice social distancing. The day is for you and your partner. Do what makes you happy. Good luck.

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    Hello Kay,
    It depends on who you would like to invite or have at your wedding. Sometimes we all wish that we can invite everyone or our parents or even Fiancé will have people that they think* should be there that you don’t think should. Hahah. I went through that!

    If your ceremony is not within the vicinity to your reception, I know some people that are inviting people to the ceremony but not the reception. People should understand that it’s a tough time and blame it on Covid if you like. Hahaha!
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    I think everyone understands the nature of the situation at this point. If they get mad for being invited only to the ceremony and not the reception even after all this from the past 16 months, that's on them.

    Some people have only invited those who can be at the reception to the ceremony. Some people chose to forgo a reception. And style had a full ceremony but a smaller reception between only family. It's up to you what you prioritize.
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