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How much are you paying your photographer?

Zoë, on May 17, 2017 at 08:05 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 15

Hi lovely brides!

Choosing a photographer is a important step during the planning. You have to like there style + be able to find one within your budget.

Were you surprised when you saw the prices? Smiley smile

How much are you paying?

How much are you paying your photographer? 1




Latest activity by Victoria, on December 18, 2017 at 01:19
  • Victoria
    Expert November 2019 Ontario
    Victoria ·
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    $2500 for two photographers and engagement session.

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  • Bethany
    Super July 2018 Alberta
    Bethany ·
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    3250 including our engagement session but our photographer is amazing!
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  • Nakita
    Curious June 2018 Ontario
    Nakita ·
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    I'm paying $860 that's with two photographers, for the whole day and that includes my engagement shoot
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  • Lisa
    VIP May 2018 Ontario
    Lisa ·
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    We are paying $2700 and that includes our engagement shoot. She's worth every penny. I received bother higher and lower quotes and the work wasn't as great as hers! So I'm really Happy!
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  • L
    Devoted September 2017 Saskatchewan
    Lyz ·
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    I have a very good friend who is skilled doing it for us. for 1500$ we are getting 2 photographers and almost a full day of videography
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  • Katherine
    Super September 2017 New Brunswick
    Katherine ·
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    We opted not to have a photographer... We will have different family members with photography skills shoot different aspects of the day.
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  • Kate
    Expert July 2017 Ontario
    Kate ·
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    My friend is doing our Photo's so my cost is nothing. some food and of course I will give him a few $$.

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  • Chelsea
    Master August 2017 Ontario
    Chelsea ·
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    We have two photographers for 7 hours and a free photobooth for booking with her. We also got a 15% discount on our engagement photo session. It cost us $1795 and then $150 for the engagement session. She has been great so far and I am so happy with our choice!

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  • Laura
    Frequent user October 2017 Ontario
    Laura ·
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    I was surprised at how extreme the prices were for some photographers. We opted for a local husband and wife photography company that gives us 8 hours with 2 photographers and includes unlimited locations and an engagement shoot for just under $2000.

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  • N
    Curious June 2018 British Columbia
    Nadine ·
    • Dispute

    We have an aquaintace who is a professional (i.e. magazines and other things), he gave us a quote of $2500, but I'm not sure is that an average price, or should I look around more, he did a friends of ours a couple years ago, and they were very happy with the pictures. I just know if price is reasonable for ceremony, photoshoot after, and reception. Cermony and photos at same location.

    He just told me I get

    you will have me all day/ night. If you want me to shoot you and your girls getting ready in the am thats fine...of course the ceremony, post ceremony photos, reception...pretty much everything. Usually 100 + photos....fully edited

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  • Sabrina
    Curious July 2017 Ontario
    Sabrina ·
    • Dispute
    I was lucky. My brothers friend is a videographer and he is doing pictures and video for $700.
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  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·
    • Dispute

    Some family friends will be our photographers and one was actually hired for us as a wedding gift and the other is giving us a big discount so all in all I think we are paying less than $500.

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  • Sasha
    Super October 2017 Ontario
    Sasha ·
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    I knew it could be pricey but I thought most would be max 2000$. I was surprised that the majority were 4000+! I got mine for 1900. Still way more than I wanted but photos are the most important thing to me so I didn't want to cheap out too much
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  • Carly
    Newbie September 2019 Ontario
    Carly ·
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    We are booking our package over the next few weeks but here's our breakdown, for $5,500 cash:

    1. Photography

    - 12 hours coverage

    - 2 photographers

    - engagement shoot

    2. Videography

    - 12 hours coverage

    - 3 staff

    - same day edit

    - drone at one location

    - all video footage on a USB that we provide

    includes $200 in travel cost

    I think we got a pretty sweet deal!

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  • Jessica
    Frequent user July 2018 Nova Scotia
    Jessica ·
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    My photographer is actually also a good friend, so I'm getting a smokin' deal at $465

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