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Beginner September 2023 Quebec

Hair and makeup at the same time?

Julie, on May 18, 2023 at 21:09 Posted in Beauty 0 4
Hi! Long story short, the person I thought would do my hair ended up having to stop doing hair. So now my wedding is coming up in 3.5 months and I'm struggling to find a mobile hair stylist available for that date who can fit in with the appointment I already made with my MUA. I found a potential stylist but she'd only be free at the exact time I had booked my makeup (was hoping for hair first). I feel like I'm totally screwed, I don't want to have to be "squeezing anything in". I'm considering asking them both if they could work simultaneously but I know nothing about hair and makeup, and wanted to get input on if that's even something that hair and makeup artists do, before embarrassing myself asking them, in case it's not a thing. Thanks in advance!


Latest activity by Jackie, on May 22, 2023 at 02:10
  • Jackie
    Devoted September 2023 Alberta
    Jackie ·
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    Definitely ask, never hurts to ask the question. Even if they can’t, they might be able to offer a solution you never even thought of. They are the experts after all!
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  • Mila
    Frequent user October 2023 Ontario
    Mila ·
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    Absolutely worth asking. It can be a preference to not want to do both but you’re in a jam so I imagine them being more open to it. Depending on the style and look, it may also take them longer to work at the same.
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  • Julie
    Featured May 2023 Ontario
    Julie ·
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    I was in the boat as you 2 months before my wedding. I had to find BOTH Makeup and hair stylist. I looked on FB local groups and found someone and I couldnt have been happier. She was able to do both.

    I would ask and see if they have an issue. I guess depending the detail you have for hair that may be a factor. I can see where they would have an issue if one gets in the way of the other?? Doesnt hurt to ask.
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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda ·
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    I had my makeup artist and hair stylist (my aunt) work together at the same time to get my look done on time. I would honestly just ask the people that you're hiring if they would do that. Sometimes it works out better for them

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