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Gifts vs No Gifts

Rebecca, on October 17, 2021 at 14:10 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 5
Hi all,

We have a lot of people (probably 75%) of our guest list flying to our wedding in Canmore next summer and, it being Canmore, then paying quite a bit for hotels. We would really like to ask people to NOT buy us gifts but instead to donate blood (if they’re able). My sister in law said her experience is that, despite this request, people will still insist on buying us gifts and that we should have a registry so that we don’t get a collection of random stuff we don’t want. I’m a bit torn because I feel like posting a registry then contradicts the request to not give gifts, even though that’s what we really want. I’m not super keen on asking for donations either (just a personal preference).
Has anyone else had experience with this or have any advice?


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  • Carly
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    As much as I love this sentiment (I'm a blood donor myself), I definitely agree that you should at least have a small registry. There are SO many reasons why somebody wouldn't be eligible or comfortable with donating blood, and I as a guest would feel terrible if I couldn't donate AND I didn't know what to give you as a gift.

    Yes, most people in that situation will give cash in that case, but spare yourself from a second toaster or a weird piece of art that doesn't fit in your home from the one or two people who will insist on giving a physical gift! I do absolutely love the idea of asking for those who are able to give blood though!!

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  • Tunisha
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    Hello Rebecca,
    I would say don’t open a registry, just notify them that no gifts are required. Then mention your donation option. They will most likely give you cards/money though on your day!
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  • Sharlene
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    We married in Jasper, so same as you most of our guests were from out of town. We are also older so we didn't need household items like younger couples might need. I struggled with possibly adding something to specifcally address the no gifts required or to not say anything. I ended up not adding anything special to the invitations. We didn't have a registry. People mainly gave cash or unique gift items.
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  • Hank
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    Don't open a registry if you don't want stuff. In my experience, most people will just give you a cash gift. The minute you have a registry, most people will go that route instead of donating blood.

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  • Vinod
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    Guests that are not comfortable to give blood or giving gifts of the registry. Monetary gift may be easier yo put towards home renovations or honeymoon fund. An alternate choice is to donate to a charity of your choice to help out.
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