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Firing my mua

Lucy, on May 3, 2019 at 15:49 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 6

I think I need to find a new hair and MUA but I don't know if I'm being unreasonable in my expectations or not. The one I've booked is just...she's coming across as really really flaky and I just really don't want to be dealing with that. The important thing to know is that no money has changed hands yet but I'm 2 months out from the wedding and most of the other MUA seem to be already booked (or really expensive!)

I found her on WW and she has really good reviews, so I messaged her. She took about a week to message back but I figured that was fine because I asked specific questions about the ingredients in the make up and I thought it would take time to find the information.

But then it seems like taking her sweet time responding to emails is her MO. I emailed her on April 1st, waited 2 weeks without a response, emailed her again and finally got an answer a couple of days later. I respond within 24 hours (because I'm trying to get this all sorted out) and yet again have to wait a week and half for her reply. In our last exchange I even mentioned I was getting nervous because she hadn't responded for almost two weeks.

Earlier in the piece, we'd set up a trial later this month. There was numerous emails about the trial, but then when she sent me her email address for the e-transfer, she asks if I wanted a trial as though she'd completely forgotten the half a dozen emails we sent back and forth setting the date for the trial - that were in fact all part of the same email thread she had responded to!

I just don't feel like I'll be able to relax until she's actually at the hotel doing my hair and make up and I don't want that crap on my wedding day. I don't know, am I being unreasonable able how long it's taking her to respond to simple questions? How do you fire a vendor? Do you go the simply route of we're going in a different direction? Is it easier just to lie and say you had to move/cancel the wedding? Do you tell them the truth about why you're dumping them?

When it comes down to it, my problem is basically she's not responding as fast as I think she should be.


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  • Lucy
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    Lucy ·
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    Just wanted to give everyone an update. I sent her the email on Sunday afternoon letting her know I wasn't going to use her and that it was largely due to the lack of communication etc. By lunchtime Monday she had responded. Where was this promptness when I was trying to give you money?!?

    Anyway, since then I've been a busy girl. I reached out to a friend of a friend who I found out does make up. Unfortunately, she was already booked, but she put me in touch with like an underground network of hair and make up people that I never knew existed. I've now booked one of them for our make up and she's doing my trial on the day of our engagement photos so yay! She gets back to me almost instantly and I think the longest I had to wait for her to respond was maybe 30 minutes.

    I'm still looking for someone to do our hair, but my FB messenger is blowing up with everyone sending suggestions and linking me with other stylists who may be available so I'm hopeful that will be taken care of in the next few days too.

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  • Candace
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    Candace ·
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    I am having the same issue with my current MUA as well. I have thankfully already done the trial so I know that she can do what I want. I messaged her a week ago via text asking her to confirm the exact price for everyone and she is yet to respond and it has been like this for quite awhile now. I did find that once I got her cell# she was better at responding via text than she was over email but it is getting bad again.

    Maybe explain to her that you need her to respond quicker because your wedding is coming up and these are details that you need to have firmed up soon. If she does not respond quicker at all then I would just message her and say that unfortunately you have had to go with another MUA because you felt that she wasn't responding in a timely manner? However you fire her I think you should tell the truth about it so that she can fix the errors for any future brides that come her way.

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  • Lucy
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    Lucy ·
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    So I emailed her on Thursday, reminding her that we had already spoken about a trial etc. By Saturday night I hadn't heard anything back and was ready to just dump her today. Well she emails me at 11:30pm Saturday night with a time and everything for the trial. And now I'm like well she did get back to me faster than she normally does. But the damage has already been done. There will always be doubt whether she realises how unprofessional she was coming across and is going to change or if she's making an effort only because I called her out on it.

    If I can't find another mobile artist I guess we'll be up at the Mac store first thing in the morning. I've only been looking for mobile services because my MOH will have her 6mo son with her, but I may have to sacrifice the luxury of not going anyway until the ceremony for the sanity that someone is going to do our hair and make up.

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  • Kelsie
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    Kelsie ·
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    Since you haven’t given her money yet, you can fire her.

    i actually just fired the photographer I was assigned and got a new one because he never contacted me first, I always was reaching out to him.

    it comes across to me like she doesn’t care. If she took 15 seconds to read through your email chain ...she could’ve found out you wanted a trial easily.

    I think you have two options; fire her but only if you have another MUA as an option. You don’t want to fire this one and not be able to find someone else. In terms of firing her, I was honest with my photographer about why I was letting him go. I felt it was better for him to know why I was unhappy and whether he learns from it or not - that’s up to him.

    The second option is set up a call and set out your issues. You have valid concerns. Definitely bring up the lack of communication on your end - sending an email shouldn’t be this hard for her to do.

    Keep us updated on what you decide to do. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this.
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  • Kelly
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    Kelly ·
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    I would be super blunt with her about how you're feeling before you fire her. That might be the kick in the butt she needs. She might not even realize shes in jeopardy of loosing business.

    So lay it out for her. You're considering no longer using her services because she takes weeks to respond to emails, making it difficult for you to make plans. Its not professional for her to make you wait that long. She doesn't even remember scheduling your trial. This is a huge red flag. If she can't even keep your wedding details straight, it makes you wonder how reliable her services are.

    These are all valid questions. Every vendor should be going out of their way to make the day EASIER for you, not more difficult. Its why you hired them.

    Good luck! I hope you get the answers you're looking for!

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  • Donna Yeung
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    Donna Yeung ·
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    Hi Lucy,

    Have you considered talking to your MUA on the phone? I found that when I was corresponding with my MUA, she was able to explain everything over the phone and was very quick to respond. Also, have you signed a contract with your MUA? I'm not sure how it works where you're at, but in Vancouver, everyone does contracts.

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