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Curious September 2023 Nova Scotia

Falsies or lash extensions?

Kenna, on March 10, 2020 at 12:20 Posted in Beauty 0 5

I've been thinking a lot about whether I should get lash extensions the week of my wedding or if I should just wear false lashes for the parties. I've always had a hard time putting on false lashes personally, but it's definitely a cheaper option than lash extensions... What do you all think?


Latest activity by Alyshea, on April 20, 2020 at 11:09
  • Kristen
    Devoted May 2021 British Columbia
    Kristen ·
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    I am a huge crier so I am doing lash extensions 100%. I used to wear false lashes everyday and am not risking it the day of the wedding haha. A friend of mine got her make-up artist to put hers on and she cried and had them peeling in the corners mid ceremony..

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  • Casey
    Master October 2019 Ontario
    Casey ·
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    Falsies worked better for me. It was cheaper than getting extensions, plus it was only one time.
    Once your extensions grow out, you have to either keep up with the fills, or get rid of them all together.

    Have someone in your wedding party put false lashes on for you

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  • Sadia
    Frequent user August 2021 Ontario
    Sadia ·
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    I was debating extensions too, but my make up artist said she preferred to work with falsies instead, since lash extensions make it harder to apply eyeshadow etc. it also will be much more difficult when taking off all the make up (I’ve had experience with this part before). So I’m just going to slap on some dramatic falsies!
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  • Kelly
    Expert September 2019 Manitoba
    Kelly ·
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    If you've never had extensions before, I highly recommend you get them a month before your wedding. This way, you have the opportunity to live with them for a while and see if you like them. If you don't end up liking them (like what happened to me) then you have time to remove them. If you do end up liking them, you can get them filled the week of the wedding.

    I found that its a very different look from falsies; definitely not as dramatic (unless you go with the super crazy extensions, but then you're stuck with those for every day lol).

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  • Ashley
    VIP August 2020 Ontario
    Ashley ·
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    Have ur BM put on the lashes for you or your makeup person. lashes are nice but i find that my friends eyes are super read for a couples days after they get it done so keep that in mind. im getting lashes put on

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