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Emilie, on August 9, 2016 at 09:27 Posted in Tech support 0 3

Dear brides and grooms,

This post is to make sure we're all on the same page regarding the rules of this community.

I would like to remind you that any comment or discussion that DOES NOT meet these rules should be reported using the button "FLAG" at the bottom right of the conversation or comment.

If you see that you or someone has broken one of these rules, please report them. The notice that gets to these users is anonymous and extremely useful for the admins of the community (myself and the people who replace me when I am on vacation), since it allows us to act quickly when there is a serious error within the community.


Any content that fits within one of these categories will be dismissed :

1. Offensive content, swearing or insults is not allowed.

- As you can read in our legal terms, as a community, we want to keep the forum positive. The WeddingWire Community strives to make the forum a safe and enriching place by encouraging our members to offer friendly advice and share ideas to better the wedding industry as a whole. We will not tolerate posts or comments meant to bully or belittle another member.

- We also ask you to respect your fellow community members. Every community has different opinions that may vary from your own. All we ask is that you respect each other and the community. Please refrain from posting anything that may cross that line or that you wouldn't say in front of someone.

- As there can be misinterpretation, we also advise you to choose your words wisely. You may not post anything that is abusive, threatening, slanderous, profane or belligerent against any individual or groups of individuals for any reason.

Any content that can be considered as an insult or attack towards individuals, companies or other users will be dismissed.

2. Sexually explicit content (explicit and pornographic pictures or comment) is strictly forbidden.

3. Illegal content (content that is against the law) is strictly forbidden.

4. Commercial content (publicity from vendors or third-parties), whether direct or indirect, is strictly forbidden in the community, in any form: private messages, wall posts, articles, pictures, videos...

- As a bride or groom, you cannot promote your own business, your friend's, family's or acquaintance's business. You can also not offer your services to other brides and grooms (even if it is not your profession) since there will always be a personal profit made from this practice.

- You also shall always speak from your experience as a groom or bride and not as an expert from your own industry, since this would result in a conflict of interest and could be considered as commercial content.

- You can also not post your own blog, personal channel, nor the ones of your friends or acquaintances.

- You cannot spam users or vendors.

- Buying and selling (whether direct or indirect) through the forum is strictly forbidden, and so is giving or gifting something to other users.

- It is also strictly forbidden to make joint purchases (co-buying, group buying) through the tools that we put in your disposition on the portal (comments in discussions, wall, private messages...) or to solicit the participation of other members in your joint purchase.

- It is also forbidden to create external groups, such as Whatsapp or Facebook groups, through any of the tools at your disposition on our portal (comments in discussions, wall messages, private messages...) or to solicit the participation of other members in your external groups.

- In the case of any misuse of the portal and breaking of these rules or our legal terms, the system can block your WeddingWire mailbox, and can also block your access to the community or account as a user depending on the gravity of the issue as stated in our Legal Terms.

How can I identify commercial content? When you see content that aims at making personal profit:

- When we see in the discussions or comments advertising from vendors (contact information, personal email address, private messages, posts on your wall, etc.)

- When we see personal advertising from users in comments or discussions, promoting their blog, asking for "likes" to win a contest, buying or selling their dress or accessories, etc.

5. SPAM (in your WeddingWire inbox)

In the event that you receive a private message of someone exchanging their services or products or any spam whatsoever, write me a private message explaining the situation. These cannot be reported using the "Flag" button, so kindly notify me if this ever happens.

6. Inappropriate content or "off topic" (content that is not related in any way whatsoever to weddings)



- Brides and grooms of the forum can give the names of the vendors with whom they have been in touch or hired: this is not considered advertising.

- Vendors cannot make any advertising or give their contact details (email address, blog, website, phone number, address, or link to their description in our vendors list...) in any group of the community, not even through users, on their own walls or using their personal email address.


Thanks for you understanding guys! Following these guidelines will make sure we stay honest, respectful of one another and keep a good vibe within the community!! Smiley smile


Latest activity by Emilie, on March 10, 2017 at 05:18
  • Emilie
    Featured Quebec
    Emilie ·
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    Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. What is meant in this regard, is that exchanging products or services amongst members in the community is forbidden. You can make friends, share what you've done, show how you've done it, it but offering to do something for someone explicitely, as a product or service infringes the rules.

    The community is all about weddings and we want to keep the focus on this aspect. The discussions you are referring to as off topic, although they may seem confusing, are part of tests that lead to results that are all wedding-related. They are also to get to know each other in the community.

    We thank you for your feedback and will also take your comments into consideration for future improvements in the community.

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  • L
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Linzer ·
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    I echo all of this. I'm sincerely concerned by how things have unfolded in this community lately, including admin actions and is a big reason I am largely refusing to participate anymore.
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  • Samtam
    VIP November 2016 British Columbia
    Samtam ·
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    I have some questions and concerns regarding this post.

    "You can also not offer your services to other brides and grooms (even if it is not your profession) since there will always be a personal profit made from this practice." It seems that the terms "services" and "help" have been confused. So we're not allowed to offer to help our fellow brides and grooms that we meet through this site? I thought the whole point was to connect to people and share our experience so we can help them with their own wedding. It's presumptious to assume that there will be "personal profit." Does personal profit mean making a new friend and bonding as we help them with one of the most challenging events of their lives? No wonder there are barely any newlyweds on this site if we're not allowed to offer our help based on what we learned from our own weddings! If there was someone who lived by me and had experience with a DIY project that I was working on and offered to help me (so I don't make the same mistakes they might have made), I wouldn't consider that solicitation! The materials would be mine and if they made no mention of charging for their help and just offered to hang out and work together, it's not the same as a vendor coming in and advertising their services.

    And why aren't we flagged when we respond to posts that ask for help in wording their invitations or wedding websites? We are providing them with a service by writing something for them and offering to let them use it. This would seem to prove that it is possible to help someone without receiving a personal profit.

    Also, if we are flagged, who are we supposed to speak to in order to dispute it? We should have a right to defend ourselves and you failed to address how we're supposed to do that.

    The rules also state that all posts have to be "wedding related" but I have seen numerous posts that are not wedding related and they have not been shut down. Asking for information on what we do in our free time, what outfit we would wear on a date or whether we have the same taste in music as our fiance(e) has nothing to do with our weddings so why are they allowed? If you're going to enforce it, you need to do so uniformly. Other wedding sites allow "NWR" topics so if this is something that WW Canada feels strongly about, they need to do something about it or update their guidelines.

    I think that Wedding Wire needs to have a better understanding of how their site is being used and be able to adapt to best suit the needs of their community. Someone shouldn't be flagged or reprimanded for wishing their fellow brides and grooms "happy holidays" because they want to show their appreciation for the people they've met and when there is no proof of someone "selling" their services, the flags should be removed and an apology should be issued. We should always exercise internet safety but this site shouldn't be preventing us from making friends and meeting fellow brides and grooms. It should be focusing on growing the community instead of alienating some of its long time users.

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