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Chinese Tea Ceremony and Vow Renewal

Lynne, on August 8, 2021 at 03:03 Posted in Plan a wedding 0 4
Hi everyone! I've been brainstorming a lot of ideas and need some advice or if anyone has done anything similar!

Originally, we're thinking of have the ceremony and reception in 2023 (it's also a destination wedding) but my fiancé wanted to get married asap. So to compromise, I was thinking of getting legally married at a local city hall in 2022 and do a vow renewal (with the proper wedding ceremony and reception) in 2023.
We're both Cantonese-Viet and have HUGE families. So would it be weird to do a city hall wedding in 2022, followed by a tea ceremony and small banquet or catering for our relatives and then when 2023 comes around, our friends (and maybe our relatives if they choose to) would fly to our vow renewal?
Has anyone some anything like this before? I'm just don't want to be doing anything against tradition or offending anyone.
Thank you!


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    The two ways can work since the restrictions are in place and he feels he wants to marry within intimately with some family present. Your proper Chinese tradition and vow renewal can be a bigger celebration as your parents will have the proper way of order done and someone other than a priest can marry you.
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    Not weird at all. Whenever I talk about the wedding planning to family and friends they just say to elope and have a party later (not happening because I want an actual wedding). But for a period of time we were seriously considering just getting married at city hall and then doing something next year instead. It's your day, your budget and your vision. You guys do whatever makes you happy and the family can deal with it Smiley smile

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    Thank Hank! Smiley smile

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    Based on my experience, Chinese families could care less about the westernized aspects of modern weddings. If you're having a tea ceremony and Chinese banquet in exchange for the red pocket, I think you'll be fine. They probably won't even care if you only wear the red qipao or kwa instead of a white wedding dress. So this way, you can knock off pleasing the family and your fiance's desire to get married ASAP while reserving the experiential ceremony and celebration overseas with friends.

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