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Cathedral Veil

Jessica, on September 18, 2018 at 21:24 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 9
Hey ladies!
For those of you who opted for a cathedral veil for your wedding, how much did you spend and where did you get them? (I am located in Ontario, so Ontario suggestions would be a plus!Smiley laugh ) Did anyone get one made, or buy off Etsy?
Would love some input! Feel free to post photos! Smiley love


Latest activity by Sammy, on February 28, 2019 at 08:10
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    Sammy ·
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    There are quite a few sources online with amazing designs. You can check the cathedral veil section on Hadassah bridals website. They also offer international deliveries and the veils are at very reasonable costs.

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  • Rekramer
    Expert November 2018 Ontario
    Rekramer ·
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    I got a ballet length, from

    Looks like the cathedral length is about $250.

    They were excellent, quick and I absolutely love my veil. My #1 piece of advice is look into the different types of fabric a veil can be made of and decide first which fabric you want.

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  • Meagan
    Frequent user October 2021 Nova Scotia
    Meagan ·
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    Mine is from David's Bridal, it's a Vera Wang that I scored for a craaaaazy deal! Regular almost $600 and I got it for around $150

    Could not be happier with it! PM me if you want a picture, I'm at work and don't have any on me here Smiley smile

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  • Cherry
    Devoted October 2019 Quebec
    Cherry ·
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    I am wondering if I am allowed to post this here. I am trying to help other brides. If not allowed, please delete.

    I custom made veils and selling in Vancouver and the whole lower mainland area. I am open to ship within Canada. It starts with brides sending me the pictures of the veils they want and the color. I will provide quote. Brides can also let me know their budget and I would offer the best options within the budget. I made different types of veils and lengths from plain raw edge, Juliet cap, lace, up to double sides swarovski crystals. The lead time is usually 3 days depends on the complication of the desired veils and materials. The brides are involved in the whole process of making. Once I received order confirmation, I sent pictures of the materials and other important information along the process up to the finished products for approval before delivering the veil. PM me if you need more information and pictures.

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  • Catherine
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    Catherine ·
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    I am considering etsy, but I cannot vouch for the quality. I would like to not spend more than 100$. Etsy does have reviews though, so perhaps check if other brides were happy if you find one you liked.
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  • Carmela
    Devoted April 2019 Ontario
    Carmela ·
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    There is a seller on Etsy that sells a cathedral veil for less then 100$. I am so getting a cathedral veil, they are so elegant and beautiful when it’s blowing in the wind, or dragging down the aisle .
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  • Brittany
    British Columbia
    Brittany ·
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    I got a cathedral length veil. Ordered through the same salon that I got my wedding dress, so I got 10% off the veil (doesn't sound like much, but off $249, it is)... all my accessories would be 10% after purchasing my dress from them.

    I was going to look online, order something less expensive... take a bit of a risk... but once I tried the veil on with my gown, I knew I just needed to get the one I could see/feel in person. Yes, it's expensive, but it's a beeeauuutiful, luxurious tulle veil, with a very sturdy comb, and I know 100% that it fits with my gown (the veil is a perfect length, just slightly longer than my dress train). Cathedral length isn't a set length, I tried on one with a beautiful sequined edge at the same salon, and it was much narrower, and was the same length as my train, so it got caught up in it when I walked.

    I would suggest looking in store at any of your local bridal salons. IMO, cathedral length veils can be so hit or miss, and for such a big statement piece, you should be 100%.

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  • Jennifer
    Super July 2019 Ontario
    Jennifer ·
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    I personally haven't used them. But a friend used Cocomelody online to order her wedding dress. and the quality, price and service was fantastic. so worth a shot checking for veils there.

    check bridal consignment shops. and fb wedding buy and sell groups in your area. in Windsor, I have seen a veil posted weekly in these groups.

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  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·
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    I dont have photos yet but I bought my veil from JJ's House online and LOOOVE it!! Only a finger tip length but I'm so happy with the quality in sure the longer ones will be just as good! Mine was only $17.00 which is A HUGE SAVINGS from the $300 one I was originally looking at! Super cheap prices but the quality deff made tmit look worth soooo much more!
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