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Beginner September 2021 Saskatchewan

Bra for wedding

Ashton, on August 9, 2021 at 09:27 Posted in Wedding fashion 0 9
Hello everyone! So I found my dream dress but it’s a strapless. So I’m not super thrilled about having to wear a strapless bra.. the seamstress said that I could just wear the clear plastic straps the dress has but I’m worried that will look funny?! Help! Or do I just suck it up and wear the strapless for a few hours? Thank you! ☀️Bra for wedding 1

Bra for wedding 2


Latest activity by Jess, on August 10, 2021 at 22:21
  • Jess
    Beginner May 2023 British Columbia
    Jess ·
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    I've found the tape method recommended is amazing. I generally hate bras regardless and have used the brand Booby Tape and BrassyBra several times for different events. I've found them sweat proof, long lasting and comfortable! I'm also like a 42E and they for sure hold me up
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  • Darlene
    Curious September 2021 Ontario
    Darlene ·
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    I’m wearing a strapless gown too. I’m not even wearing a bra. My seamstress is altering it so I don’t need a bra. May dress is also a corset gown, I’m not sure if that makes a difference.
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  • Darbi
    Curious August 2022 Alberta
    Darbi ·
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    I would definitely go with the adhesive bras or have one sewn into the dress! My dress has cups sewn right in which I really like. I personally don't like how plastic straps feel and they might still show up in your photos. But do whatever is most comfortable for you!

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  • Krysta
    Newbie August 2022 Ontario
    Krysta ·
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    Hey! There is this boob tape that really holds them in place. I use it all the time and I am a 32DD - I get no movement and I can even go swimming with it on! 100% recommend it! I'll link it here.

    Personally I buy the one from Shein.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Ashton
    Beginner September 2021 Saskatchewan
    Ashton ·
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    Thank you all!
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  • Olivia
    Frequent user October 2021 Ontario
    Olivia ·
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    Odd that your seamstress wouldn’t just recommend sewing in cups to the dress. That’s what I would suggest you do
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  • Christiana
    Super November 2020 British Columbia
    Christiana ·
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    You could have straps added to it. I’ve seen this done multiple times with dresses just like yours.
    Plastic straps do not look good imo unless you’re going for a very intentional look by wearing them, and I assume you are not.

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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda ·
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    I would ask your seamstress to see if she can build a bra into your dress that way you don't need to wear one at all. I'm doing that with my dress.

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  • Gift
    Frequent user October 2021 Alberta
    Gift ·
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    Hello Ashton,
    First off, Congratulations 🥳 👏🏽 Your dress is super gorgeous. Honestly, the clear strap looks good, like it really compliments the dress. I’d rather this over a bra. Alternatively, you could buy a strap (see attached photos) and have your seamstress add it for you. I understand time is of the essence for you. The second and last picture where obtained from Amazon. You could check Amazon for options.Other store options: David’s Bridal and
    The most important thing is that you’re comfortable on that day so I’d go for either the clear straps or purchasing a strap to be added 😊 Bra for wedding 3

    Bra for wedding 4

    Bra for wedding 5

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