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Beauty tips please

Taylor, on October 23, 2017 at 11:37 Posted in Beauty 0 14
We are getting married in 7 months and I would like to know the best way to prepare in terms of face, hair and fitness
Thank you


Latest activity by Donna Yeung, on April 20, 2019 at 22:24
  • Donna Yeung
    Devoted August 2018 British Columbia
    Donna Yeung ·
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    Hi Taylor,

    Congrats! The time will fly by so fast as you prepare for the big day.

    I would suggest, starting to eat clean (no deep fried foods as it may cause the occasional breakout), drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, eat all your high sugar foods earlier in the day and don't snack late at night.

    As for your face, if you wear foundation during the day, I like to deep clean my pores at night to get all the gunk out and moisturize well. I start with a hot towel on my face to open my pores up using a muslin cloth, then I wash my face with a really good cleanser and then use a cold compress on my face to close up the pores. Remember to moisturize well!

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  • Keith
    Newbie May 2019 Ontario
    Keith ·
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    This is definitely worth trying. Time to rethink my diet, I guess.

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  • Megan
    Curious December 2017 Prince Edward Island
    Megan ·
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    I stopped eating after 630 pm, stopped eating bread and pasta and I go to the gym maybe 2-3 times/week and Ive lost about 20 pounds in 4 months. I have 2 months until our day so I know I'm on good track to hit my goal. My FH is a gym buff so he motivates me as much as he can haha but the closer it gets the more I motivate myself. My mom and others have also said that the last month is very stressful so make sure your conscious of your eating so you don't stress eat. Also drink more water than you every have before. You can download apps to remind you to drink more water.

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  • Sonja
    VIP September 2017 Ontario
    Sonja ·
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    I was prone to breakouts, so I used a mask every second day to ensure that my skin would be ok the day of the wedding. I also used Crest white strips several weeks before the wedding. They helped a bit but not as much as I would have liked.

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  • Erin
    Master September 2017 Ontario
    Erin ·
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    I would say stick to your normal routine, that's what I did. Wash my hair a few times a week and let it air dry; use moisturizer on my face and body and do my CrossFit twice a week. As long as you find a fitness thing you like you are golden.

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  • M
    Expert July 2018 Alberta
    Marina ·
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    I just continue my normal routine:
    I do only shower my hair with liquid shampoo twice a week and every other day I use dry shampoo, I exfoliate my body every day in the shower, I continue breakdancing, but any other sort of exercise will of course work and I try to put face cream every time I remember xD
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  • Maegan
    Super July 2018 British Columbia
    Maegan ·
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    Fitness: I am one of those people that buys a gym membership and then never has the motivation to go haha. I recently downloaded an app called the "7 minute workout". Its great! Gives you a quick full body work out in 7 mins so its super easy to find the time every day! And it walks ypu thrpugh it and tracks everything for you. You dont need much space and the only equipment you need is a chair. And then if you want more of a workout you can just repeat and do a couple cycles. Ive noticed a large difference already since i started Smiley smile
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  • Jen889
    Devoted May 2018 Quebec
    Jen889 ·
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    Actually most dermatologists have ZERO idea about proper skin care. My recommendation is go and see an esthetician who will take a look at your skin through a skin analysis and she/he will recommend a skin care regime based on your needs and what she/he sees.
    I am an esthetician who specialises in skin care with 10years experience. A good esthetician is worth her/his weight in gold.
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  • Daphne
    Super July 2017 British Columbia
    Daphne ·
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    A good article my MoH sent me:
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  • Valérie
    VIP September 2019 Quebec
    Valérie ·
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    Skin: I'm booking an appointment with a dermatologist. I've stopped trusting blogs/latest fads a long time ago, since my skin is sensitive. They should be able to recommend products based on your budget too.

    Hair: Talk to your hairdresser, they'll be able to give you pointers! Personally, I take a biotin supplement (hair/nails) daily, I don't heat-style my hair on the weekends and limit the amount of time I put it up (2-3 times a week) to avoid breakage.

    Fitness: If you have a gym membership, look into a 1-hour consultation. They'll be able to build a workout plan for you. Don't forget that abs are made in the kitchen, so eating right is important! I had a couple of sessions with a private trainer and she laid it all out for me. It's not easy, but definitely worth it!

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  • Sydney
    Expert August 2018 Ontario
    Sydney ·
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    For fitness, I hit the gym... but that's not for every one. Find something that you like to do, whether it's going for a run, a bike ride, yoga, or even just taking going or a walk every night with your fiancé!

    For hair, I use a coconut oil mask one a week! Take a tiny bit, put it in your hands to warm it up, and rub it all throughout your hair. Leave it on for an hour (or a few), then shower and wash it out! You may have to shampoo a few times to get the oil out, but your hair feels like a million bucks after.

    For my face, I'm pretty picky with what I use, but stick to whatever products you love. Now might not be the time to try new ones incase they don't sit well with your skin!

    For all three, drinks lots of water! Stay hydrated!

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  • Ap2017
    Super September 2017 Ontario
    Ap2017 ·
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    Hydration and a good skin care routine are both key. I also cut out dairy for health reasons and found that my skin responded really positively to that, so I've continued it. Doing a mask twice a week is good too. I have a few different types that I rotate as needed (say if I have a breakout or if my skin is getting dry...those are treated differently). I also went to yoga once a week...just a little something to get out of the house and take time to exercise and meditate.

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  • Lynnie
    WeddingWire Admin October 2016 North Carolina
    Lynnie ·
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    Hi Taylor! Make sure to check out our Wedding Ideas section for expert beauty tips:

    The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Routine

    10 Essential Beauty Rules Every Bride Should Know

    How to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding

    I didn't do a lot to prepare for the wedding day because time slipped away from me Smiley shame , but I did schedule a facial for 1 month before the wedding to make sure my skin was clear! I also grew out my hair for a year, and I was crazy strict about my tan lines!!

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  • Sasha
    Super October 2017 Ontario
    Sasha ·
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    I'm definitely not an expert but this is what I do.Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, cut out dairy and sugar, I take a probiotic every day but that was recommended for me by my naturopath to help with some of my ailments so it may noynbe necessary for you but I can say for me it helps reduce bloating and helps my skin as I have severe eczema.
    Exfoliate at least once a week. Use a gentle toner on your face after you've washed it. If you have the money I would recommend a good serum. Kiehls has great serums that have made my skin look a lot more glowy.
    For me personally I only wash my hair once or twice a week (I shower every day I just don't wash my hair every day!). I've been doing this for the past 3 or 4 years and my hair is the healthiest it's been. I also don't use hot tools on it. Also you can use a hair masque once a week to repair split ends and make your hair shiny and reduce frizz.
    For fitness just do something you enjoy. Dancing, yoga, bike riding, running, skiing etc. If you do something you're not enjoying just to say you exercised it can get easy to talk your way out of doing it.
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