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Featured August 2023 Alberta

Who Said "i Love You" First?

Brittany, on February 14, 2023 at 10:08 Posted in Before the wedding 0 7

Hello Everyone!

In honors of Valentine's Day, I was wondering who said I love you first?

With my fiancé and I; I said it first. We were hanging out after I finally moved back to Edmonton where we were doing a long-distance relationship for about 6 months. We were just watching TV together and it felt so nice knowing that for the first time, us spending time together did not feel rushed.

I just looked at him randomly and he looked at me and I just blurted out I love you LOL. He said it back right after.

It was so hard not to say it earlier, for instance I would almost say it on the phone when ever we had our evening talks, but I did not want to say it too early.

The rest is history LOL


Latest activity by Katelyn, on May 8, 2023 at 19:57
  • Katelyn
    Newbie January 2022 New York
    Katelyn ·
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    Yup me too, but i think it's better if the girl would 1st said that, means your man is stronger

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  • Scotia
    Newbie July 2024 Ontario
    Scotia ·
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    My fiance did .. but not to me directly.

    Ill try to write this a quick as possible. But basically as a non-binary individual me and my fiance did not know how his family would react to me being me (they are from the netherlands and have never experienced this before). One night while he was over they called him and he decided to tell them about me (this was before we got engaged). He had them on speaker phone and was explaining my identity to them when both his mom and dad stopped him mid sentence and said "do you love them?" and he replied yes.... he had not said it directly to me at that point so then i immedatley said it to him but i guess him first

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    Featured October 2023 Ontario
    KELLY ·
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    I was first to day "I think I am falling in love with you", he admitted the same. But as for a true I love you - it was my FH

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  • Julie
    Featured May 2023 Ontario
    Julie ·
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    OMG....I can't recall who did Smiley xd I have a memory that takes me back to when we were out for dinner and he kissed me and said I love you. Of course my heart just melted and I said it back. Now he always says it first no matter what.

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  • Carine
    Featured September 2023 Ontario
    Carine ·
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    He said I love you first, and then I said it right back.

    Now we have our thing where I say I love you, he says I love you too, and I say I love you more, he says probably, and I say most definitely. If I don't say Definitely he stares me down or says hello...

    It's cheesy I know. Smiley shame

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  • K1327
    Featured August 2022 Ontario
    K1327 ·
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    Such a fun question Smiley smile

    My husband said I love you first, we were making the bed together at our place one morning and it just came out so naturally for him and I happily smiled and said it back - nice moment and memory Smiley heart

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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda ·
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    I definitely was the first one that said I love you!
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