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Who got married during covid and is postponing the big party for later?

Deborah, on November 26, 2020 at 11:03 Posted in Just married 0 3

I would love to hear your stories on this! My husband and I never wanted a long engagement to begin with, but we needed one in order to save up for the expensive wedding. When COVID came around, we thought, screw it, let's get married now! And so we had a mini wedding in my in-laws' backyard in July. I have 0 regrets and I'm so happy to be married to the love of my life! We postponed our big party for 2022 but I feel so impatient! I just want to wear the pretty dress and party with my friends and family...


Latest activity by Vinod, on December 2, 2020 at 12:40
  • Vinod
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    Its wonderful news to hear your wedding took place despite of the situation and to the best of your hearts. Its a rough time to make such decisions of waiting for the pandemic to get through to get married and postpone many times with the venue and vendors. Mini or elopement weddings seem to be the current thing as the big celebration with the guests have to wait not only for travel, full numbers to get back as normal to come together.

    It seems you have to set up time blocks with groups to come and celebrate for such a time frame as making appointments.

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  • Amelia
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    We got married this October and are hoping to have our big celebration for our anniversary!

    We had about 20 including ourselves and the officiant and photographer. My parents hosted a small reception at their home after our ceremony on the beach. I'm also super glad we had a small gathering. Not only was it way safer, but we had some of our most important people there with us (minus a few who couldn't travel).
    Who got married during covid and is postponing the big party for later? 1

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  • Christiana
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    Congrats on your wedding!

    My partner and I are getting married this Saturday! We had essentially planned our entire wedding before COVID and decided we wanted to get married no matter what on our original date. Our plans have changed about 5 times at this point and unfortunately my family isn't able to come anymore, but we're having a small outdoor ceremony with my partner's family and two of our close friends. We're going to livestream it for my family and then video chat with our families over dinner/drinks. We're both wearing our full wedding outfits and having our photos done as usual so I'm hoping it will still feel like we had the full wedding ceremony experience - just minus the party aspect obviously. We still want to have our big reception one day but nothing is booked as our venue is being demolished (icing on the 2020 cake lol).

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