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Wedding Speech tips

Tracy, on July 14, 2021 at 11:38 Posted in Wedding reception 0 2

Public speaking is not fun for a lot of us! But at some point in our life we have to do it and a wedding is where the speeches happen.

Nervous? Don't Be! Everyone is there for the same reason to celebrate the newly wed couple! Below are a few of my tips that will hopefully help you prepare:

- Introduce yourself and how you know the bride & groom. (Not everyone may know who you are.)

- Thank the person before you.

- Keep it short – best to stick to a couple of minutes

Smiley heart Speak from the heart, be sweet.

- If you get emotional, take a breath, pause, and continue

Smiley shame SMILE!

- Talk slowly (there is no rush) and clearly.

- Remember to breathe! Pause between thoughts.

- Be yourself!

- Be positive!

- Be personal but no inside jokes.

- Keep it light and appropriate for everyone. (Don’t shock the grandparents)

Smiley ring Talk about both the bride and groom.

- Give the newlyweds your best wishes/hopes for the future.

- If you want to use a quote, make sure it is meaningful to them.

- And don’t forget to ask people to toast the couple & raise your glass!

- Cue cards will help you with your key thoughts.

- Practice, even record yourself.

- Above all have fun, spread the love and joy of the occasion.

- Don’t worry if you forget to say something – you will be the only person that knows it!


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  • Stacey TC
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    Stacey TC ·
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    This is great Smiley smile

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Tunisha
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    This is good stuff Tracy! Thank you for preparing this. I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind. Maybe to even remind the person that will do the speeches.

    We will only be doing parents of Bride, Cousin of Fiancé (as his family cannot make it and she is the stand in), MOH and Best Man. Dassittt! 😂
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