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Wedding Sept 4th, 2021

Miranda, on February 11, 2021 at 14:58 Posted in Quebec 0 2

Hi Everyone,

I don't know if I'm the only one sick to my stomach with anxiety in wondering what the heck to do with our wedding in September, but its been driving me crazy. Some people tell me to wait it out and see in may or june what it'll look like, but i feel it changes so quickly and we will never be sure until even the month before.!! What are some of you doing? i was thinking of maybe even advancing it as soon as they lift the restrictions like they did in summer but its also very last minute. Also want to send virtual hugs to all 2021 Brides and already postponed 2020 brides, if you are feeling anything like me you need it!!


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    Same here! My wedding was planned for September 2020 and postponed to September 2021. However i have family from France coming so we decided to do 2 weddings as i don't think the travel restrictions will be lifted for oversea travelers in september and i can't ask everyone to wait last minute to book flight s and hotels! So unfortunately we have decide to do the September wedding with the canadian family only( we will be about 20) and the french wedding in france in 2022 ( about 40 people).

    However i already have Canadians guests from BC who are not comfortable to travel to ON in september and said they won't be joining even with vaccines. So this is a good reminder that it does not depends just on me as some people might be still worried to travel or to gather in large crowd come september!

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    Hi there, my fiance and I are getting married this July and we are having deep discussions of postponing our reception to next year. We were going to wait till May to make up our mind but it might be even earlier now since there are many couples who are postponing. Its very hard obviously but planning a 250 person wedding is just not possible this year. We are getting married regardless, we believe that if we are lucky we will be able to have at least 100 at the ceremony
    Best of luck to you!
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