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Wedding dress regret?

Melissa, on June 29, 2022 at 07:56 Posted in WeddingWire 0 8
Hi I am curious, does anyone have bad feelings such as regret after purchasing their dress?

The dress I chose is beautiful but I don't think it's me. I just feel confused and have been looking for other dresses. What do you guys think? Feel so alone in this. Never had the "this is the one" feeling but equally love it.Wedding dress regret? 1
Wedding dress regret? 2


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  • Carine
    Featured September 2023 Ontario
    Carine ·
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    I love that dress on you, but if you are doubting yourself and you just don't think it's a perfect fit then find the one that you feel is more you.

    That is my biggest fear when going shopping, I have buyers remorse and I look at other things and second guess myself all the time.

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  • Jenn
    Frequent user August 2023 Ontario
    Jenn ·
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    I put a deposit down on a dress that I thought was "the one" everyone even cried... I started second-guessing for a few reasons, and ended up falling in love with a different dress and I wouldn't change it for the world

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  • Katie
    Frequent user June 2023 Ontario
    Katie ·
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    Hey there! I just wanted to write a quick note. I think there is so much pressure of getting emotional once you find “the dress”. I found my dress, I didn’t cry, but I love it and knew it was for me. Just saying that, there is a lot of pressure to feel a certain way when you find your dress. You look beautiful by the way!
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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
    Vinod ·
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    You do look beautiful in the dress. So simple yet elegant as it is. You don't feel its you, look around to see if anything else is your style to make you feel as beautiful as you are.

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  • Alana
    Curious September 2024 Quebec
    Alana ·
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    Hi Melissa,
    First of all, you look so pretty in that dress! Regardless if you choose to cancel your order or keep it, I think the most important thing is if you feel comfortable in the dress and feel like you don't want to take it off. Angel made a great point, that after alterations the dress is made it fit you and you can also add accessories to it to tailor it to your taste. You could add a pretty belt or sleeves/gloves and the jewelry and even the type of veil can change how the dress looks. I've also noticed the cape style is becoming popular, so you do have options. But at the end of that day, you should do what you want. Its your special day and if you are feeling a little bit of regret, nothing is stopping you from trying out other dresses. If you find another that gives you that "Ah Ha!" Moment then you could always cancel or resell your original dress. Sometimes even trying on other dresses might make you realize how much you love your current dress. I wish you all the luck and know that no matter the style of the dress, you are beautiful ❤
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  • Angel
    Curious October 2023 Ontario
    Angel ·
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    I know this is not a lot of help but you do look lovely in this dress. If it's already purchased maybe you will feel better about it after any alterations to make it the perfect fit for you. Is there anything you could add that would make it feel more like "you"? Maybe a splash of colour if that's your style or something else. Think about what it is that would make it feel more right, or what it is that's not quite right and you'll know what can be changed, or added or what you need to find in a different dress. It's so hard for a lot of us because it's such a special day we want everything to be perfect.
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    Featured October 2023 Ontario
    KELLY ·
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    I haven’t started yet but I think it will happen to me as well. What don’t you like about it? It’s a beautiful dress and looks amazing on you
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  • Brittany
    Devoted August 2023 Alberta
    Brittany ·
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    I did, I said yes last summer when we were going to do a destination wedding in December of 2022. Within three months I had dress regret because I felt I purchased way too early. I am glad I cancelled it because we set on doing a wedding in Banff in August 2023 so now I am going this summer with about a year leading to my wedding. I hate going too early because so much new stuff comes out during the summer and sometimes they are nicer dresses or newer styles of old dresses that look way better. Some people said yes to a dress in 2019 for their 2020 wedding and still love their dress and wouldn't change it for the world.

    I am indecisive and I have already tried on 60 dresses minimum and still have not felt the feeling of this is for sure the one or made me cry. I am hoping I find that feeling this summer.

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