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Torn between Muskoka venues: Severn Lodge and Shamrock Lodge!

Nz, on March 3, 2021 at 20:18 Posted in Ontario 0 2
I have two awesome potential venues for fall 2022 which allow for exclusive use for the wedding. My invitee list is around 115 people if everyone brings a plus one, but we know probably 5 people from the other side of the country won't attend. All our guests will be travelling from Toronto and other parts of northern Ontario.

One is Severn Lodge. It's a really beautiful venue, but the kicker is that all 46 rooms need to be booked for the Saturday night and min 100 people need to attend. This means all guests would have to book and pay for individually and if we didn't get all 46 rooms, we would have to pay for whatever didnt get booked.
The other is Shamrock Lodge. Also very beautiful and smaller and more cottagey, but only has 25 rooms/cabins so even if everyone came, some people who know each other would at least have to share a bathroom (2 seperate rooms in one lodge).
We are torn because we know that only 85% of guests attend typically, and for us that could be even less since everyone would have to travel to the venue. So the only way to guarantee 100 guests for Severn would be to extend the guest list and possibly pay tons for extra rooms or extra dinners.
On the other hand, if everyone does say yes for Shamrock, we might have to have people sharing accoms who don't really know each other.
What should we choose? Thanks in advance!


Latest activity by Vinod, on March 4, 2021 at 11:51
  • Vinod
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    Your two options seem great though the restrictions are limited in a way. Severn Lodge seems to work if your guest list is still 100 excluding the out of country guests and the accommodations being booked full for the venue. It would be hard to swallow the cost of paying for the extra unbooked rooms. Shamrock Lodge with less rooms and guests willing to share cabins would work to your benefit. Both sounds wonderful as you say though the final call is yours to make given the list of pros and cons knowing all your guests and how they will accept to work around the issue.
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  • Christiana
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    I definitely wouldn't increase your guest list just to make a venue more worthwhile. How many rooms do you think your guests would need if 100 did show up? If you're willing to pay for 100 people minimum and however many rooms you think will remain empty then just consider that part of your venue cost.

    Are there other accommodations near Shamrock Lodge? Not everyone will need or want to stay at the venue so you might be fine offering just 25 rooms for all of your guests.

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