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The WeddingWire Contest strikes again!

Joey, on May 9, 2019 at 14:27 Posted in Contest 0 5

Please allow me to introduce the winners of the 27th edition of the WeddingWire Canada contest, Kim and Matt!

The WeddingWire Contest strikes again! 1

Here's how Kim described learning that they had won -

"When I received the email saying we won, I was in disbelief! You always hear of people entering these things and winning, but I never thought I would be one of those people! I immediately called my fiancé and excitedly told him the news. Our wedding, just like everyone else’s, is always a big expense, so every little bit helps! We’re excited to put this toward our budget to use for either entertainment or an upgrade for our menu! Thank you, WeddingWire Canada. We are so grateful to have the extra money and it makes us that much more excited for our wedding!"

The WeddingWire Contest strikes again! 2

The WeddingWire Contest strikes again! 3

The WeddingWire Contest strikes again! 4

Request your contest entries for the chance to win next month. What would you do with the prize money?


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