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Super August 2018 Manitoba

Still waiting for wedding photos, Sneak Peak!

Marcia, on August 20, 2018 at 21:40 Posted in Just married 0 12
Hello fellow brides,
Just curious to my married ones, how long did you wait for your photos from the photographer? Here鈥檚 a sneak pic of us getting ready I got from my photographers Instagram! Still waiting paitently Smiley smile for my wedding photos 馃槱

Still waiting for wedding photos, Sneak Peak! 1


Latest activity by Leanne, on September 4, 2018 at 13:44
  • Leanne
    Expert September 2018 Ontario
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    Great photo! I hope you get the rest soon! Our photographer said the longest he will ever take is 2 months.

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  • M
    Expert July 2018 Alberta
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    We have gotten about 20 photos in sneak peak, but my photographer said it will take up to 4 months.
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  • Jennifer
    Super August 2018 Alberta
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    We had sneak peaks the next day! Our photographer is a friend though! I've heard it's common for 2-3 weeks.

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  • Joey
    WeddingWire Admin May 2015 Maryland
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    Just here to say that pic is the cutest! Can't wait to see more Smiley love

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  • Stephanie
    VIP May 2019 Ontario
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    My photographer said we would get previews within 2 weeks and all of the photos within 4! Our final payment is due when the photos are delivered so it's a good way to keep them to their word!
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  • Melissa
    Devoted May 2019 Alberta
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    So cute! I'm sure the rest will be worth the wait!

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  • Bianca
    Master August 2019 Ontario
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    You and your girls look so great! Such a shame you're still waiting for your pictures!

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  • Brittany
    British Columbia
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    My photographer said 1-2 months for wedding photos, depending on the time of year (so January will hopefully be slower and closer to 1 month), but I know the less you rush them, the more photos/better quality you get...

    Our engagement photos she said 3 weeks, and we got them in 3 weeks and 2 days. But we received about 8 sneak peeks off her Instagram within a day or two.

    We will be specifically asking for about 5 options of just us within a few days, because we need to pick one to put on our thank you cards, which my mom will be ordering for me while we are on our honeymoon (we leave straight from the wedding for 2 weeks).

    Also, I'm hoping that being on the honeymoon will help me be able to wait longer for photos... haha. And that my 1 month timer will start once we get back.

    We interviewed 2 photographers. One said he hates moving on to new projects with others left undone, so our wedding photos would be done in 1 to 2 weeks. YIKES. That was a huge red flag for us, and we did not want someone who just rushed through our photos.

    The one we went with, as I said, gave us a time frame of 1-2 months.

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  • Courtney
    Super July 2018 Ontario
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    We were supposed to get some sneak peaks, but really they just posted three pictures on Instragram, so not much I can do with those!

    I got married on July 7th and was told between 6-8 weeks to get the photos. I did touch base with our photographer at the end of last week and was told I should have them by the end of THIS week.
    i'm so nervous - I hope I like them Smiley sad

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  • Vinod
    Featured August 2017 Ontario
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    We didn't get any sneak peaks until all the pictures were edited and sent for fixing up if needed. We waited 1 month before recieving the usb in person.
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  • Maegan
    Super July 2018 British Columbia
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    My wedding was july 7... Still waiting for my photos. Last chat with my photographer she said it usually takes her 1-2 months. She guaranteed we would have them before we leave on our honeymoon sept 6 Smiley smile

    Here is one of my favorite sneak peeks we got! Me and my guys! (I am just as close of friends with all the groomsmen as my husband is)

    Still waiting for wedding photos, Sneak Peak! 2
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  • Jennifer
    Super July 2019 Ontario
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    My friend is a wedding photographer. She always tries to get 4-7 sneak peek photos within 24 hours. 48 if something comes up beyond her control. All edited photos. Anywhere from 2-4 months.
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