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Jessica, on May 29, 2021 at 18:58 Posted in Ontario 0 2
We pushed back our September 2020 wedding to September 10th 2021. I was hopeful when Ontario said it was releasing their Stages of reopening that it would allow me to have “best case scenario and worst case scenario” ....but I think I’m more confused than ever. Stage 3 is so vague I don’t even know what to expect in terms of gathering size. Originally our wedding was going to be 175 people or so, now that obviously doesn’t seem feasible. Unfortunately our venue doesn’t have an outdoor option, which will limit our numbers. We were thinking about doing a two day wedding (day one - ceremony and small dinner inside or outside in backyard depending on the rules; and then day two - an outdoor gathering in evening - hopefully with music or something!). The other issue is deposits. I feel like I’m tossing money into the wind if I set up a day two thing and we are in lockdown or open. Just so tricky to plan the unknown....Meeting with my wedding planner on Zoom next week so I’m going she has some creative ideas, but I know nobody has a crystal ball.


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  • Olivia
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    Olivia ·
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    Hi Jessica,

    I know how you feel! A lot of unknowns still with the reopening. At some point I think you just need to make a decision and be happy with that. You still have some time to decide though since your wedding is not till Sept. My wedding is early August. We decided this week to have a two part wedding. Our outdoor ceremony will go ahead on our original date in August this year but the indoor reception is moved to August 2022. We will have a small (14 person) dinner after the ceremony. We are hoping to have 50 people attend the outdoor ceremony but really won't know until much closer to the date depending on what stage we are in and what is allowed. This whole wedding planning process has been tough with a lot of unknowns. I feel like we finally have some control over the situation by making a decision to keep things small, hoping that by August we can go ahead with the ceremony and small dinner no matter what. Hopefully your wedding planner will have some suggestions. Best of luck with planning!

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  • Hank
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    I'd wait until the summer before making any moves on a two day affair. Nobody knows what Step 3 entails. It could be 25/50 indoor/outdoor, it could be 50/100, or it could be the same as Step 2 where it's 5/25 but you're allowed to attend without a mask. Everything is so unknown that I wouldn't pull any triggers.

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