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Curious May 2022 Ontario

Seating etiquette- how to sit couples

Sascha, on March 24, 2022 at 12:07 Posted in Wedding reception 0 9
We are doing rectangle tables with 8 guests. 4 on each side.
What is the best way to arrange the couples- sitting directly across or to sit beside each other?

We are having 2 moderate sized floral centrepieces on each tables as well as candles.


Latest activity by Maggnard-Smanta, on April 4, 2022 at 12:58
  • Maggnard-Smanta
    Devoted July 2022 Quebec
    Maggnard-Smanta ·
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    Assigning by table with their escort cards. They're free to choose their own seat at the table. I think couples should be sitting side by side. It's easier to talk to them and more intimate. Also, it might be a bit awkward sitting next to people you don't know while your partner is sitting accross the table.

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  • Jenny
    Featured September 2022 Ontario
    Jenny ·
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    Side by side for sure

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  • Derek
    Frequent user September 2022 Alberta
    Derek ·
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    We are using circular tables so we are seating couples next to each other.
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  • Hailey
    Featured June 2022 British Columbia
    Hailey ·
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    Definitely sit side by side!
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    Featured October 2023 Ontario
    KELLY ·
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    Sitting across from each other is perfect for a restaurant but for something as intimate as a wedding I would sit them side by side as well .......

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  • Amanda
    Featured August 2022 British Columbia
    Amanda ·
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    I would sit couples side by side. I wouldnt want to be sitting across from my spouse
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  • Hank
    Featured September 2021 Ontario
    Hank ·
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    I would do side by side. This way if they need to whisper something to one another, they can do it discreetly. And it also allows them to share food much more easily without having to cross the table.

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  • Eryn
    Curious September 2022 Ontario
    Eryn ·
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    I definitely like the idea of sitting beside the person I came with rather than across from them. Lets them have some more personal conversations without leaning/yelling across the table and depending on the final size of the centerpieces, it might block them from seeing one another! I know for me having my partner within touching distance is always nice!

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  • Alyx
    Featured September 2022 Alberta
    Alyx ·
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    I’m having rectangle tables and we aren’t assigning chairs just tables so couples can sit how they chose. In my opinion if I were at a wedding id want to sit next to my spouse not someone I don’t know if that were the case.
    So I have an alphabetical seating chart and people are assigned to tables not chairs
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