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Sci Fi Photo Booth props

Lucy, on February 10, 2019 at 12:54 Posted in Wedding reception 0 3

Hi ladies (and the occasional gent) I'm looking for some prop ideas for a sci fi themed photo booth. I'm trying to keep it more mainstream so our guests recognise them - our main 3 loves are Star Trek, Star Wars and Dr Who.

Obviously there will be light sabers and I'm looking around for an alcohol-friendly bat'leth (definitely not putting out a metal one!). I have a 4th Doctor scarf, but who wants to put that on in July! Potentially a sonic screw driver or two. Any other ideas? It doesn't have to be from those shows, but I would definitely like to stick to stuff easily recognised by non-hardcore fans.

I'm also Australian so there will be an inflatable crocodile for some Steve Irwin impressions. Apart from a moose or a beaver, are there any Canadian animals I should look to include?


Latest activity by Tori, on February 10, 2019 at 22:00
  • Tori
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    Tori ·
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    Canadian animals to add - basically the loon? lol Other than that and the beaver and moose are what I think of.

    Sci-fi - I'm not too good at that... I mean, fake guns? Those are in all of them! But maybe try making a list of all the sci fi movies that the two of you love and go from there?

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  • Stephanie
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    Stephanie ·
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    I went to a wedding a little while ago and they had a bunch of Marvel accessories! Wigs and weapons and masks! If you're thinking of venturing over to the comic book side! Maybe some harry pitter items? Broomsticks and owns and some big glasses? Hahah! Love the idea!!!
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  • Leah
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    Leah ·
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    Such a fun idea!

    Definitely include a raccoon to represent Canada.

    Also, think of storm trooper helmets, Jedi or Sith robes, Jango or Bobafett helmets, the Dr. Phonebooth (tardis?).
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