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Reception after a micro wedding - Grand Entrance

Kaitlin, on July 11, 2021 at 14:42 Posted in Wedding reception 0 3

Hey guys,

I need ideas. Throw em out there. Everything I've though of feels awkward.

We're having a Micro wedding one weekend, then a large reception the next.

The reception is out of town with everyone driving. So were opening the hall at 3:00 (Local hotels check in time) for visiting, which is nice, extra visiting time with a huge party and after COVID etc . Cocktails probably 5, dinner 6 ish.

We will be there even earlier, cleaning, decorating, visiting with wedding party etc. So we will be catching all the people as they start funneling in around 3.

Then hang out with everyone as they show up, (what else are we going to do)?

Then leave? change, walk back in? Is that weird? feels weird. do it part way through cocktails? just as they start? wait till the place starts looking busy?

I totally want the grand entrance and everyone around and just the big fuss.

Any suggestions? How can we do this?

Thanks everyone!


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    So many things I hadn't thought about.

    It will be mostly that we're just gonna be bored!

    Ceremony and pictures and such are all going to be the weekend before at the micro wedding. We have the Hall from 9am on Friday to 5pm on Sunday. Lots of time for set up and tear down.

    For vendors we have an outdoor BBQ, and maybe a DJ - but holy fudge they are pricey. Not too much to worry about.

    Just wanting that Grande entrance - or I suppose re-entrance - as it will be.

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  • Christiana
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    Yeah I agree with Hank and I would also just start it at 5. Is there going to be anything for them to eat or drink while they're hanging out beforehand? People might be expecting if you say the hall opens at 3 that there will be something for them to do and to eat/drink. Unless it was extremely clear in the invite I would assume it was a cocktail reception before the dinner. People might also want to leave earlier in the night if they arrive too early and get all of their socializing out of the way. So your reception might wrap up earlier than expected or be a lot smaller during the evening. If anyone wants to visit beforehand they will have other options like visiting each other at their hotels or going for appetizers/drinks.

    I also just think it's better to give yourself more time rather than less to set up. You don't want to be rushing at 3 to get it all done, or still be setting up once everyone arrives. You might also run into issues with vendors trying to set up with a bunch of guests hanging around. Most vendors like catering, bartenders, florists, bakers, etc. will be showing up before the reception and if the hall is already packed it's going to complicate things.

    Edit: I suppose you could also just start the whole thing at 3 or whenever you think you'll be ready if it's more of a "we're setting up in the morning and don't want to be just sitting around waiting for it to start" kind of thing.

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  • Hank
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    Hank ·
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    Personally, I would just start the party and ask that people show up at the actual start time at 5pm instead of earlier. You'll want a breather after setting up and decorating. The guests will want a breather after driving in and checking in.

    Do you care if your guests see your dress prior to the grand entrance? If not, host a receiving line during cocktail hour so you can greet everyone. Then do the usual entrance when the reception officially starts after everyone has been seated.
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